Wednesdays Child Is Full Of Woe

Posted February 21, 2006




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I hear someone crying oh, its Angry Sparrow!


Angry Sparrow: *Boohoohoohoo*hoohoohoohoo*hoohoo*



Me: Whatever is the matter, sweetie?

Angry Sparrow: *A-hoo-a-hoo* Im Im loneleeeee



Me: But I thought you were happy I thought you preferred being by yourself.

Angry Sparrow: But-but-but NOW Im lonely. I-miss-my-sisterrrrrs* A-hoo-hoo*



Me: Well, sweetie, then I will try to get you your sisters. I think I know where they are.

Angry Sparrow: *sniff* you * sniff * will?



Me: Yes, I will. Ill go online and search for them right now.

Angry Sparrow: Ohhhh-kay. *sniff*



Me: All right. Feel better now?

Angry Sparrow: M-hmmm a little.



Back to Chance now hes asking Wynnefred for a date!


Mm, Wynnefred, would you go on a date with me Saturday?



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