Wynnefred, I’m sorry for being such a jerk

Posted February 18, 2006 by Tabitha




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Unfortunately I misplaced the original dialog for this story also, so it’s reconstructed from memory:




I know it was pretty mean of me to be saying things like that about Chance, and I didn’t think about how it sounded to you…



Chance is my brother, and I care about him, but – things have been so different lately since our parents had to disappear –



Chance used to be fun, and he and I used to be close ‘til Maeby came… and now he’s so serious, and bugging me all the time, like about my boyfriend Malfoy



I wish he could understand how much I like Malfoy, and how he makes me feel like someone cares about me… and he isn’t bad at all.



It’s just so hard to explain – I don’t even understand me, either…



But I’m really, really sorry, and I’d really like to be friends with you, Wynnefred – if you’re willing…






Wynnefred, being the generous-spirited girl that she is, graciously accepted Tabby’s apology, and all was swell that ends swell – more or less, in their world J



My next story returned to Angry Sparrow, in preparation for eventually introducing her sisters:


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