A Valentine for Wynnefred

Posted February 14, 2006




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Unfortunately I misplaced the original dialog for this story, so it won’t be exactly as it was:



Chance: Wynnefred… Maeby and I made this Valentine for you… I – we – hope you like it –

Maeby: It pwetty like YOU, Wyn’fwed!



Tabitha: **butting in** Hey, Chance, who you talkin’ to – your new girlfriend?

Chance: **sputtering**  She’s – she’s – she’s NOT my girlfriend – not yet…



Tabitha: Well of course she won’t be your girlfriend if you just keep tippy-toein’ around. Speak up.

Chance: I was trying to do that when you interrupted – sheesh.

Maeby: I’nt you giben’ the balentine, bro’ver?



Chance: Please take Maeby out of here now, will you? I need to finish talking to Wynnefred – alone.

Tabitha: Okay, okay… *oooof* C’mon, Maeby, we’ll leave him alone with his girlfriend. **exits**



Chance: Anyway, Wynnefred, I still want you to have this… and be my Valentine… *blush*.



Of course Tabitha couldn’t leave well enough alone, and the next day she lobbed this little bombshell:



Hey Draculina! If Wynnefred doesn’t work out, can you be Chance’s girlfriend? >>> Posted February 15, 2006.


Maybe you can get him off of Malfoy’s case. I bet you’d be good for him.

Chance needs a kick in the butt – or a bite in the neck!




This caused a small furor, with Draculina not wanting to interfere with Wynnefred’s intended, and Wynnefred indignant over Tabby’s insolence and presumptuousness. So Tabitha issued an apology, surprisingly heartfelt and tender, explaining her actions, and pleading mercy in:


Wynnefred, I’m sorry for being such a jerk…



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