Walking the Plank

Posted February 12, 2011 by galatia9 and beamlette




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Rachel: *sighh* Hmm, I wonder where Fred and Chance are? I don't know WHAT made Fred think I would enjoy dressing up like they did when they went to the Volks store! Not exactly MY idea of a good time! At least, not if I'M the only one doing it. Besides, Halloween is months over!



Rachel: Come to think of it, I haven't seen Hiro and Fenchurch since they came back, either! I wonder if there's something going on that I don't know about! It would be JUST like Hiro to play some prank on me... hmm... only it was Fred who suggested this! I feel like an idiot...



Rachel: Oh well, I'll give them a few more minutes, then they'd better look out!

Smythe: **slipping into room** Ah! –



…*to self* I shall endeavour to make the most of this opportunity – thanks be to Wynnefred and Chance for making it so!



Smythe: ‘Tis a good day, to see you again, dear Rachel Willoughby – your unusual garb you wear most charmingly, if I may say so –



Rachel: Garb?? Smythe?! What in the world are YOU dressed up for?!



Rachel: Oh, I KNEW it! Fred put you up to this, didn't she? And she told me to sit here and WAIT for her! It's just like her, the snoopy little matchmaker! Ooh, I'm going to –

Smythe: Please don’t be vexed at Wynnefred – she merely suggested the masquerade, and I happily became complicit in hopes of seeing you again. It was all intended in a spirit of good humour, trust me –



Rachel: Good humor! She may have intended it that way for herself and for you, Smythe, but unfortunately, I'M not exactly in a good humour about it NOW!

Smythe: I am most sorry to have put you out of sorts, Rachel; that was not my purpose. I had rather hoped we would have a bit of a chuckle, to thaw the ice, one might say –

Rachel: *under her breath* A chuckle is the last thing I'm going to have with Fred when I find her! *aloud* It's all right, Smythe... I don't blame you, this wasn't your idea.



Rachel: But... you! You shouldn't have gone along with it! You should have known it would be a bad idea, especially after the last time we met! You tricked me into going out with you, by telling me you were Chance's best friend, and – and you KISSED me!

Smythe: That was most scoundrelly of me then, I freely admit! As for the present day –



Smythe: I should not like to leave you in a provoked state – let us sit a moment, and discuss this as befits sensible young adults, that we may come to a more amicable understanding –

Rachel: You – you really think that kissing me was scoundrelly? I mean... you admit it?

Smythe: Indeed, I do –



Smythe: Having had much time to consider my past actions, yes, it was a decided trespass, a violation of your trust. My only defense in this was my impulsiveness in wanting to make your acquaintance, and in a memorable way –

Rachel: It sure was memorable, all right! I can't believe you deliberately told me a lie just so you could kiss me! *hmph* I hope it was worth it.



Smythe: I paid a dear price for that beautiful memory... needless to say, I treasure it –



Rachel: You... you do? I... I never thought that you might treasure it. I thought that maybe...

Smythe: Smythe it was but a mere trophy, a reward for playing his little game? Not at all! I now comprehend that is how you viewed it, and with good reason; after all, sadly, many of my fellow lads conduct themselves in this manner –

Rachel: I didn't know you saw it that way. It's... really nice of you to tell me that, Smythe. But...



Rachel: It doesn't make up for the fact that you went along with Fred's little scheme! It would have been better if you had just come to me and said what you told me just now, instead of trying to make a – a piratey plot out of it! Especially one that included, Fred, Chance AND you! In fact, I bet Chance warned Fred against it!

Smythe: I should not have taken up Wynnefred’s suggestion so eagerly. It was in my power to avert this little playlet, and spare you any embarrassment. Let me shoulder the blame –

Rachel: Hopefully you WILL avoid this kind of underhanded trick in the future!



Rachel: And it's a good thing I have SOMEONE to blame for this – this STUPID getup! I mean, at least YOU look halfway decent, and not like a walking ragbag, like ME! I don't know which I'm going to do first, get out of this, or go find Fred and tell her a thing or two! Argh! I don't think I can wear it another minute!

Smythe: Ah, then – adieu, Miss Willoughby *she storms out*



… *to self* Note her use of the word, “future”… all is not lost – yet!



That’s what we love about Smythe, his optimism! If only Rachel felt the same...


We find out that Wynnefred isn’t the only one with an agenda –



Sense and Nonsensibility



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