Sense and Nonsensibility

Posted February 18, 2011 by beamlette and galatia9




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Chance: Erm, sorry about the pirate costume business, Rachel. Guess we got carried away, since we had fun doing it ourselves –

Wynnefred: It WAS fun! I'd love to do it more often.

Rachel: *smiles* I didn't realize you enjoyed doing that kind of thing, Chance.

Wynnefred: Actually, he does it for me. *blush* He knows how much I like it.



Chance: You make it fun, Wynnefred; when I’m with you, I don’t feel so self-conscious –

Wynnefred: It's always easier when there's another person with you, isn't it?

Rachel: Well, I didn't exactly appreciate it when you sent "another person" along to share it with me, Fred!

Wynnefred: Oh, Rachel! I just did that because you didn't get to go to Volks with us!



Wynnefred: *doesn't see Smythe enter* I really thought you'd both enjoy it. Honestly! Besides, I thought he looked really handsome, didn't you? He –

Chance: *starts* Speaking of – hello, Smythe! Come have a seat –

Smythe: Ah… good day, Chance, Wynnefred – *pauses* – Rachel –

Rachel: *blushes* Uff...



Wynnefred: Oh – Smythe! *blush* I, uh... umm... oh dear...

Chance: *low voice* Sorry, Wynnefred, he took me by surprise, too –

Smythe: I thank you for the compliment, Wynnefred, though I promise I won't allow it to turn my head –

Wynnefred: Smythe, I'm sorry, I don't want you to think we were talking about you behind your back!



Smythe: Not to worry about me. I just wish for you and Rachel to be reconciled; I did not mean to put you two best friends at odds –

Wynnefred: We-e-ell, I don't THINK we're still at odds...

Rachel: No, we're not. It's not that big a deal.

Chance: Oh. Er... that's good – I think!



**sudden appearance**

Nigella: Hel-lo – you must be the Rachel that Smythe goes on about, then! I’m his sister, Nigella

Chance: *springs up* Um, hello, Nigella

Wynnefred: Oh – oh my!

Rachel: Yes, I-I'm Rachel. Smythe goes on about me?

Smythe: *to self* This cannot be good –



Nigella: **brushing aside Chance** My word, yes! Mind you, he does so in coherent sentences; waxes positively florid, though no doubt you are aware of his verbal gifts. Since I heard you were in the house, I thought it behooved me to see the object of his verbiage – and have a chat –

Rachel: I, uh... I'm sure you must be mistaken. I've got no idea why he should speak so highly of me. I've had almost nothing to do with Smythe, other than meeting him a few times. He –

Smythe: No, no, no… this isn’t happening…

Wynnefred: Chance, look out! Oh!



Nigella: Goodness knows it doesn’t take much for a boy to fall head over heels; a glance, a smile in his direction, and he is off and running – in his own mind, of course. You look to be an intelligent girl, so I imagine you know what I speak of –

Rachel: Wait a minute, wait... head over heels? And how would I know what you're talking about?

Chance: *softly* I’m okay, Wynnefred; how about you?

Wynnefred: *softly* I'm fine! But what is SHE doing?!

Rachel: I'm not playing some kind of game with him, if that's what you're implying!

Smythe: Why… why is she doing this… now? *fidget*



Nigella: I sincerely doubt that; as I said before, you strike me as an intelligent girl. However, I’m under no illusions about my little brother; it is hard to be so when you’ve seen him in his nappie, tossing his teething biscuits at myself and my twin brother, Howell, after we’d pinched his fat little legs. Howell and I thoroughly resented his presence when we were all children, and have only recently begun to regard him as human! Do you have any siblings, Rachel?



Rachel: I have a younger brother, but... HOW could you treat an innocent, trusting little toddler like that?! Even when he was at his worst, I never DREAMED of doing that to Roger!! And I'm sure Smythe hasn't done anything to deserve that kind of treatment from you and your twin, recently or not! But it seems you ARE under some kind of illusion about him now, because he's never said anything so rude about YOU!



Smythe: Bloody hell… what’s Nigella getting at?...



Nigella: Ah, but I think you have done just that to my dear silly little brother – something just as cruel, taking his little machinations SO seriously! You should be very flattered that he makes such an effort to gain your attention, and in turn I suggest YOU make an effort to know him better, instead of dismissing him out of your hurt pride –

Chance: ….!

Smythe: *groan*!…

Wynnefred: Uh oh.

Rachel: ExCUSE me, but who are YOU to tell ME what I should do?? You don't even KNOW me! And I haven't DONE anything to Smythe! I can't help what he feels! He's brought it all about on himself, and I haven't done anything to encourage him!

Nigella: As his loving elder sister, and in the interest of free speech, I have as much right as anyone to advise you; how else will you learn –



Smythe: ENOUGH! Cease and desist your absurd interview, NOW!

Nigella: *arched brows* Such vociferousness towards your own sister! Am I that deserving of an outburst?



Smythe: That, and more! Fortunately for you, the "more" is not for public airing.

Nigella: *cooly* I see... however, in my defence, since in the past you asked my advice regarding this matter, I only wished to help, as the opportunity presented itself –

Smythe: Suffice to say, I may have asked your advice in the past, but NEVER to meddle! Now apologize to Miss Willoughby, immediately!

Nigella: As you wish...

Rachel: *to herself* He... asked her for advice... about ME?



Nigella: On that happy note, Miss Willoughby, I extend my sincerest apology for my presumptuousness in attempting to aid my little brother's relationships, and accusing you of heartlessness! It was nice to make your acquaintance, really. I shall now depart the scene; resume your previous pasttime. 'Ta!

Rachel: Err... 'ta!

Smythe: Harrrrumph!

Wynnefred: Um... bye, Ni-

**Nigella exits**



A little while later, after Chance and Wynnefred have left...


Rachel: Um... Smythe?

Smythe: My deepest apology for dragging you into that unseemly row. Unfortunately, I was as surprised as you that my sister would insert herself like that… I am MOST sorry –

Rachel: No, Smythe, you don't have to apologize. It wasn't your fault she stuck her nose in when you didn't want her to. I just wanted to ask you...



Rachel: ... why did you interrupt her when she was only trying to help you? I know she said that she wasn't always nice to you when you were all kids together, but she must care about you now, right? So why would you stop her?

Smythe: Because – she treated you as if YOU were her little sibling, trying to shame you into submission. A considerable stretch of prerogative, in my view – as well as downright meddling in a way I had NOT asked her to do. It was imperative I cut her short, else you should still be under her verbal thumb.



Rachel: Oh, I don't think so. *smiles* She was kind of overbearing, but... I guess you'd know better than I would how persistent she would be. It was... really nice of you to step in, all the same… thank you, Smythe.

Smythe: You are always most welcome… Miss Willoughby *smile*.

Rachel: Please don't call me that. Call me Rachel.



In an odd way, maybe Nigella DID help – you think?


Nigella, however, could use some help herself, or at least some tact



Much Ado About Something



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