Fun At Volks USA

Posted February 9, 2011 by beamlette and galatia9




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At the Volks LA store, they have a designated area for taking pics of your Volks darlings. Periodically they change its décor; for our visit, it was a pirate theme, and Chance and Wynnefred got into the spirit of things. Hiro, not so much…



Captain Chance: Look here at the fine swag we got from that last Spanish ship, me matey – gold and more gold, and rubies bigger’n your eyes, arrrr!

First Mate Wynnefred: Aye, Captain – though they was a pushover. Waved me sword at them, and they turned it all over to us in a trice –



Captain Chance: No surprise, that – after all, I turned me HEART over to you the moment I first saw you –



First Mate Wynnefred: *giggles* And a finer treasure there never was!!



Meanwhile, over on the couch –


Little Tabitha: Tell you fish to sit down’n b’have!

Hiro: Not my fish; I’m just holding him for someone. Besides, what do YOU know about behaving??



Little Tabitha: Jus’ fodat, we gives you a WET WILLIE! *poke*

Hiro: What the – !?



Hiro: Okay, you asked for it, you little midget!! Stand back! I have a loaded shark here, and I'm not afraid to use it!!

Little Tabitha: I t’ink he needs ta brush his TEETH – !



Poor Hiro had to make do with Little Tabby’s company; Fenchurch, as a Happydoll, wasn’t allowed in the store L


On returning to Ms. Beamlette’s, Wynnefred puts a little plan in motion –



Walking the Plank



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