Uneasy Rider

Posted December 12, 2007




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Owen: People’ve been asking for you at school. Just today one of our profs stopped me after class, wanted to know if I’d seen you –



Yoshi: So what. Don’t say anything about seeing me. I’ll come back when I’m good and ready.



Owen: Don’t worry, I didn’t say I’d seen you. Didn’t think it was appropriate. Just told him I didn’t know, it’s a shame –



Yoshi: Hey – there’s NO shame involved. You didn’t need to say something like that. It’s no one’s business!



Owen: Uh-huh… s’true. So I let my editorial comment creep in. My mistake for caring.

Yoshi: Fine – you remember that in future.



Winslow: Hey, that’s a rad chopper you got there, man – isn’t it, Fen?

Fenchurch: No kidding, Win! You were here the other day with Yoshi, weren’t you? Oh, hey, Yoshi, how y’doing?

Owen: Yeah, that I was.

Yoshi: Oh – Fenchurch -- !



Owen: Name’s Owen Chevalier. Just a friend of Yoshi’s, come to shoot the breeze. And yours?

Winslow: Nice to meet you, Owen. I’m Winslow Tait, and this is my cousin, Fenchurch Amick. Call me Win for short.

Fenchurch: You can call me Fen for short, too, if you like. Nice to meet you, too.

Yoshi: Ummm, Fen –



Fenchurch: Wow, this is so cool – I bet it’s nothing like riding horses!

Owen: It sure isn’t… Hey, I can take you for a quick ride if you’d like, see for yourself what it’s about.

Winslow: Why not – do it, Fen! I dare ya!



Owen: …and you put your feet on those rests there. Then just hold on to me.

Fenchurch: Okay – gotcha.

Winslow: Sounds easy enough.

Yoshi: Huh.



Owen: See ya in a little while!

Winslow: Sure – unless you head for the border *snerk*.

Yoshi: Hmph.



**sound of motorcycle fading away**



Winslow: Your friend seems pretty cool.

Yoshi: *snort* Oh yeah -- seems






Owen: **over noise of bike** Nice day for a ride…



Fenchurch: Really is – didn’t know I’d be doing this, though!



Owen: Huh – I’d better stop here for a minute, check something on this bike –

Fenchurch: D’you have many problems with it?



Owen: **tinkering** Eh, so-so. It’s not a new bike; I’ve had it refurbished. Nothing’s perfect, but when it’s working well, it’s sweet. How do you like the ride, so far?

Fenchurch: It’s a little smoother than a horse, but a lot noisier, huh? Still, it’s similar – you’re out in the open air, and it’s kind of a balancing act.



Fenchurch: I think I understand a little better how my boyfriend felt, riding a horse for the first time, when I visited him a few weeks ago. But I think it was a good experience for him – and you never know when that experience’ll come in handy, is how I look at it.



Owen: Me, too – you never know what’ll be useful in a situation – or when you’ll need to make a getaway! Not that I do it all the time. Just a boy scout thing *laughs*.

Fenchurch: Haha! “Be prepared” – to run away! Like the old saying, “He who fights and runs away/Lives to fight another day,” huh?



Owen: Speaking of away, you said you were visiting your boyfriend – so, he doesn’t live around here? You don’t have to answer if you think I’m nosy. Just that long-distance relationships aren’t easy, are they?



Fenchurch: I don’t mind. He lives in up in the Pacific Northwest. We met online, and get to visit once in a while. He even came down here in the spring, and we played tourist. I guess it’s hard, but we talk online a lot, and you can get to know a lot about a person, which is less distracting than if you’re together all the time. We’ve both got schooling to finish, and future careers to think about, too.



Owen: You’ve got an interesting point there, Fen. Takes a lot of trust, too, doesn’t it – I know that sinks a lot of relationships, absent or no.

Fenchurch: Then they weren’t strong enough to begin with, were they? Hiro and I are pretty fortunate, and trust each other – we’re both about as uncomplicated as you can get, anyway *smile*.



Owen: Yeah – the issues some folks have – carry ‘em around like full camping backpacks, and unroll them on the edge of a cliff. It’s a messy world we live in. *pause* Well, the bike’s ready to go; we’d better get you back.

Fenchurch: Yep – I’ve got a ton of homework waiting for me…



Winslow: Hey, you really did decide to come back! How was it?

Fenchurch: Cool – maybe we should get one someday – ya think?

Owen: Cheaper than a car.

Yoshi: *grumble*.



Winslow: Yeah, the fun’s over now, Fen – got that chemistry test to study for. Nice meeting ya, Owen. Cool bike.

Fenchurch: Oh yeah, Owen – that was big fun, really. Thanks so much, and maybe we’ll see you around again sometime soon – ‘bye!

Owen: Any time Fen. And you too, Win – see ya around.

Yoshi: *glare*.    **Fen and Win exit**



Yoshi: What the hell  were you thinking? Making a play for Fenchurch like that – right in front of me?

Owen: No play, man. I thought she didn’t need your attention. Besides, she’s got a perfectly good boyfriend, doesn’t need another one, not like you.



Yoshi: It’s none of your  goddamn business who’s her boyfriend, or whether I’m good enough for her, you hear me? Stay the hell out of it!

Owen: Okay… so I’m forewarned.

Yoshi: **snarling** You remember that.

**Yoshi exits**



Owen: Eh – the boy’s got it bad – like watching a slo-mo wreck. And it’s not done yet…



No way to save Yoshi from himself, or anyone else…


Smythe, however, faces the music, with a kind of grace…


Mending Fences



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