Mending Fences

Posted December 19, 2007




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 “… the Sheep Goes *baaa-baaa*…”



Maeby: Bro’ver, it keeps doin’ the sheep… I wanna hear the OTHER animals.

Chance: Keep trying, Maeby. Sometimes it’s like that. Maybe it just wants to be sure you know about the sheep!

Ulf: I t’ink you should SHAKE it – maybe it’s STUCK.



Smythe: Ah, but easy does it, little man. Sometimes force isn’t the answer.

Ulf: Hey, Mister One-Eye! Did you send your letter I helped you write?

Smythe: That I did *smile*. Your help was invaluable.

Ulf: HUH?

Smythe: Sorry, old chap – that means, your help was the best. I do use big words, don’t I?



Smythe: Chance, could I have a word with you? It won’t take long, I promise.

Chance: *stiffly* Make it quick. I’m busy here with babysitting.

Ulf: I’M not a baby!

Smythe: You surely aren’t. *smile*



Smythe: It was presumptuous of me to have used your name to gain entry to meet Rachel. I understand better now, and seek to make amends – especially since we are housemates.

Chance: That’s nice – but what about Rachel?  She’s the one most hurt by all your shenanigans. You really blew it.

Smythe: Well I know it. It was the advice of our mutual friend, the sensible Fenchurch, which helped me turn a corner. You know how direct she is. To sum up what she told me – “Be honest!” She suggested I write to Rachel, and so, I sent her a letter of apology.

Chance: You better have. Wonder if she read it.



Smythe: Your skepticism is not unwarranted. But she did – I received a reply. Most civil – and honest – of her, too.

Chance: Sure was.

Smythe: Yes – yes, it was. She’s a spirited girl, but also thoughtful and intelligent – as much as she is easy on the eyes – especially this  one! *sigh* The expression you used, that I “blew” it, is painfully apt.



Chance: Just one of those things you have to live with. If you’re smart, you’ll have learned something from it.

Smythe: It has indeed caused me to examine my modus operandi. You know I have an older brother and sister. Well, being the youngest seems to have caused me to go to extremes to gain attention, be it from them or our parents or anyone else. I did manage to talk my way out of a prank when I was Ulf’s age – with some charm, I immodestly admit. However it did redound to my siblings’ discomfort – for which they administered to me what would be the beginning of many sound beatings! Words became my tools to deal with the world, oftentimes manipulative. Mostly it brought me the desired effect, though I have had my little failures, too. This one, however, as I told Rachel, brought me up short.



Chance: How can we be sure you’ve learned your lesson? *shakes head* People don’t change overnight.

Smythe: No… it is a struggle. As you can hear, I still can’t give up on “fancy” speech. But I am trying to think with less convolution. Perhaps… knowing someone like you can influence me for the better. And you have my permission to rap me upside the head when I go off on my old tangents!



**long pause**

 “… See’n Say says, “This is a Duck –*quackquackquackquack*”

Chance: Well… if Fenchurch is willing…

Ulf: Fen’urch is REAL smart, Chance! An’ Mister One-Eye really is NICE!

Chance: And the whack upside the head IS a tempting offer…

Smythe: I stand by my words – remember that, Ulf, a man  does, however much it hurts! *laughs*.



Chance: Let’s shake on it, then –

Smythe: By all means!



Chance: Just a retroactive smack – for Rachel. Now we’re all square.


Smythe: Ow! Fair enough!

Ulf: You mean, I’ll STILL get smacks when I’M big, too? Bein’ growed up in’t a lot differnt *hmph*.



I think it’s all good again.


The holidays are time for family and reminiscing, and our resins are no exception –


Oh Brother, WHAT Are Thou?



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