Fraternal Felicitations For Boudicca

Posted December 8, 2007




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Napolean: My Goddess’ aura is decidedly rosy today… *smile*

Boudicca: *laughs* And it has nothing to do with any of my favorite fruits of the vine – can you imagine!



Napolean: Yes, yes I can. I knew that they were but veils obscuring your true inner beauty, and were in need of drawing aside.

Boudicca: So you became the mechanism to draw back the window treatments of my soul *snicker*. Dreadful metaphor aside, I think you deserve a reward for this undertaking…



Napolean: Whatever m’lady wishes, I submit gladly…

Boudicca: Shhhh, less talk, more pucker, tall, dark and loquacious – mmmm



Napolean and Boudicca: **smooch… smooch… smooooch**

Isambard: Pssst! Pssst!



Napolean and Boudicca: **still smooooching**

Isambard: When you come up for air, Boudicca, just let me know… *chuckle*.



Napolean: What has broken your concentration, my Goddess -- ?

Boudicca: That voice -- ! How could it be -- ???

Isambard: *stifling chuckle* Mind like a steel sieve!



Napolean: Who could this be, who knows your name, love?

Boudicca: What in the name of all that’s infernal are YOU doing here, Isambard?

Isambard: I shall answer the mystic’s question first, since it is a great deal quicker to answer. I am Isambard Kingdom Brunel Gladwell, at your service, elder brother of the Miss Gladwell in your lap. And as for why I am here, I was invited by the lady of this manse, and I felt it an offer I could not pass up, among other things –



Boudicca: And I demand you decline this invitation posthaste! I shall have a word with Ms. Beamlette – or several words, and choice ones at that, letting her know what a dirty rotten scoundrel she has allowed to creep across her threshold *glare*.



Isambard: Now isn’t a mistress of the household allowed to exercise her own judgement as to who she extends an invitation? Besides, she knows I long to see my wandering sister, who never writes or calls *smirk*.



Napolean: Boudicca, dear, I think this is wonderful – we may have more and more of the family here to celebrate our good fortune in finding one another! I am Napolean Karma Butterfly, seeker of truth and beauty – which I have happily found, embodied in your sister.

Isambard: Well said, my good man – and most kind of you to somehow find the good in her. It has lain dormant ever since I first knew her; I always wondered who – and WHEN, if ever – someone would discover that deeply-buried treasure –

Boudicca: Take away your hand immediately, else you will be seeking where I have deeply buried it!!!



Napolean: Now, now, my love, let us think thoughts of lightness and purity in the present –

Boudicca: I will, as soon as this black blotch on the family escutcheon fades to gray. Go away, now – shoo!

Isambard: Why on earth should I “shoo”, as you so quaintly put it? And as for black blotches, that tried-but-true cliché applies here – pots and kettles, and you know the rest. *lounge*



Boudicca: Hmph! There are a million other places you could be right now – the farther, the better.

Napolean: But he has only just got here, dearest one – do not judge in haste, since you’ve not seen each other in a while. Perhaps he has turned over a new leaf, as I did.

Isambard: See, now, your chap speaks sense, Boudie – I could not have said it better myself. Besides, I rather like it here, from what I have seen so far –



Boudicca: **thrusts foot in face** See THIS!!!

Isambard: Oh, VERY nice – as if that will drive me away, brandishing your sizeable and fragrant stomper at me. It takes a LOT to send me packing, sister mine – I am here to stay *wink*.



Yet another case of unwelcome siblings…!


Yoshi’s friend Owen hits a nerve again –


Uneasy Rider



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