*Petit Dejeuner*

 ees ze most im-por-tant meal of ze *jour*

Posted December 6, 2007




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E’Clair: I haven’t seen Napolean and Boudicca lately – do you suppose they are together somewhere, dear Tan?

Tancredi: Ees difficile  to say, ma cherie. As long as zhey are not een my way, I am not zo con-cerned.



E’Clair: Well… I didn’t want to be a busybody, but I did rather hope they might become a couple. They seemed to have a spark –



Tancredi: Well, theen, zose sparks zhey can to make un incendie, or zhey can fee-zzle out… eet ree-mains to be seen.



Lovechild: Papa, you’re using my saucer for an ashtray!

Tancredi: Oh – par-don, ma petite framboise -- Pa-pa, ‘e gets car-ried a-way wheen ‘e ees talk-eeng, you know?

Lovechild: Oh, I know well… it’s bad enough you have me drinking espresso!



E’Clair: It’s just that my brother and I, we had such an, um, unorthodox childhood, since our parents were old hippies. I know he has been on a search for happiness and the Meaning Of Life these last few years… but sometimes it’s really very simple. Napolean may just need someone to need him, if you know what I mean.



Tancredi: Some-times eet ees seem-pler zan zat. Ze pow-er of ze attrac-tions, wheech can be of ze oppo-sites aussi… or zom-theeng like zat



**bursting into the room**

Napolean: Is it not a BEAUTIFUL morning, my dear ones? Almost as beautiful as my Fertility Goddess here, tra-la!

Boudicca: I never understood before why some people like the morning, but I may be coming ‘round – and around!



Napolean: Sister dearest, I cannot begin to express my joy that this wonderful woman has come into my life – truly it is good karma!

E’Clair: Oh Napolean, I AM happy for you, and Boudicca too –

Boudicca: Karma or no, I would never have guessed I could be happy at all  like this – or something near to it, since there’s no wine labels involved.



Napolean: I confess I was wont to envy you, my common-law-brother-in-law – but now it starts for me, that happiness like you have with dear E’Clair – and who knows, maybe we shall have little ones to be playmates with your bonny lass *euphoric*.

Tancredi: Zere ees no need zat you should e-ver een-vee moi, you know. Al-tho’, I can be flat-tered

Lovechild: I’m in NO hurry for playmates from you, Uncle – take your time.



E’Clair: Boudicca, will this mean a wedding, perhaps, or is it too soon to tell? Not that I mean to pressure you – after all, Tan and I do not feel a need to go that route.

Boudicca: Marriage? My dear, I’m just getting used to this attachment business. Relationships for me have mostly been hurried thrashings in the sheets, if even that. I am in uncharted waters, and deep, now…



Napolean: Come, my Goddess – I must tear you away from this womens’ bonding, important though it is. I confess to being quite selfish concerning you right now *beaming*.

E’Clair: No problem, Napolean – I remember that first rush of love, and what it’s like.

Boudicca: I am yours to be torn – figuratively speaking, of course – more like I need help up, if you will –   **they exit**



E’Clair: I am just SO happy right here, right now! I have my Man of Tan, and our little girl, and my brother has the promise of happiness to come like us. Isn’t it all wonderful? **hugs**

Tancredi: Ouies-pe-cial-lee seence zhey have gone to do eet elsewhere.

Lovechild: Sometimes Papa is so wise *smirk*.



Tancredi: I like eet best when we are a-lone to-gezher, ma belle – comme maintenantmmmm *kiss*.

E’Clair: So do I, mon homme d’amour… *kiss*

Lovechild: I am SO not ready for siblings, either! *glare*



You call that breakfast?


Don’t Napolean and Boudicca make quite the lovebirds? Or in their case, giraffes


Fraternal Felicitations For Boudicca



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