My Fertility Goddess

Posted December 3, 2007 by beamlette and Clara in OR




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Napolean: Praise be to our Great Earth Mother, for bringing to my awareness this beautiful woman, whose soul shall be warmed by your sun, and by my love!



Napolean: I am like a child again, full of the simple pleasure of being! Do you feel the warmth – is it not glorious?

Boudicca: How DO you get the energy to flap about like some albatross? It has taken all mine just to dress for the occasion *heavy sigh*.



Napolean: It is my newfound love for you, dearest, that lifts my heart, and my limbs cannot help but follow.

Boudicca: I suggest you find some cables to suspend me from, if you expect me to follow suit.



**sound of owl hooting**

Napolean: Do you hear that? How extraordinary, an owl speaking in the daytime! An omen I choose to think of as positive – it sounds so sweetly.

Boudicca: Maybe it just wants to get an early start – or late. It probably means I should have stayed in bed.



Hibou: *hoooo* -sad-is-lady-tall- *hoo* -no-need-say-Hibou- *hoo-hoo!*



**rush of wings**

Napolean: Remain calm, Boudicca dear – she means no harm.

Boudicca: Easy for you to say! Her eyes tell me, “I want LIVER!”

Hibou: *hooo* -your-liver-no- *hoo* -advice-have-Hibou-for-lady-tall- *hoo-hoo*



Boudicca: I am happy enough you do not desire my liver, pickled in the best wine though it may be. But what advice could you have for ME?

Hibou: *hoo* -is-good-love- *hoo* -lady-tall-be-with-man-dark-tall- *hoo* -is-good-find-one-love-true-… -Hibou-know-has-her-love-true- *hoo* -should-you-too- *hoo-hoo!*



Napolean: Even the birds in the trees know it – how I wish you could know it, too – my goddess!

Boudicca: Goddess – not that those terms have not been bandied about me before, but that look in your eyes says you are not entirely making this up. Still, I am not wholly convinced –



Napolean: *sigh* Even if you do not believe me, I shall remain steadfast, though I pine away to a mere shadow, wavering in the twilight…

Boudicca: Oh… strangely, I do not want to be responsible for that happening – there, there… **gently strokes his hair**



Hibou: *hoo* -simple-it-is-think-not-too-much- *hooo-hoo*.



Napolean: What now, my Goddess – whither do you go?

Boudicca: Nowhere in particular – or very far – it is just that –



Boudicca: I feel this giddy urge to dance, all of a sudden! To whirl, like a dervish! Round and round and round -- **twirling madly**



**a little later**

Boudicca: Oh – my – my breath is entirely spent… when you joined in, we surely broke some land speed record… *gasp*.

Napolean: I did tell you, you make my whole being lighter… *pant*… imagine where we could’ve flown to if we’d kept that up… *pant*



Boudicca: No further need to fly… what I really need is right here under my nose – namely your lips –

Napolean: My lips worship your lips, dear Goddess – I think it’s time that we pray… together…



Boudicca and Napolean: **smooch… smooch… smooch…**

Zephyrus: I see Cupid has been firing off his arrows again. Looks like they didn’t get far after being struck!

Tragic Plum: Ooooh, maybe they’re resuscitating each other?... oooooh



Yeah, that was pretty strange… and the hits just keep on coming –


*Petit Dejeuner* ees ze most im-por-tant meal of ze *jour*



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