Een ze bosom of *ma famille*

Posted December 1, 2007




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In November, we enjoyed such perfect weather that a gathering outdoors was a must. The Waramon/Tancredi family came forth for this duty…



E’Clair: Isn’t this wonderful, my dearest Man of Tan, that we can all be together to share this day outdoors with our loved ones? We truly are blessed.

Tancredi: Oui an’ I may smoke free-lee weez-out zo much fuss from all ze o-thers.

Lovechild: Papa should cut back on the Galoises, anyway… *coff*



Napolean: My dear sister is correct – this is indeed blessed, and the Great Earth Mother’s gift to us –



Boudicca: I suppose – although there is nothing that a little Chateauneuf-du-Pape could not assist – if only some were to be had *grumble*.



Hibou: *hoo-HOOOOO* -not-necccesary-juices-grape-for-to-enjoy-outside- *hoo-hoo*

Napolean: See, our feathered friend Miss Hibou understands – no artificial enhancements are required to enjoy this gift! Let our praises ring out joyously to the muses of the day!




Persephone: *writing to Marty Jean* I endeavour to lead a balanced life: typing  en plein air is as close to exercise as I get… nor do I take advice from  cuckoos…



Napolean: Boudicca dear, I am sad to see that this ensemble outing is failing thus far to bring the roses to your beautiful haughty cheekbones.

Boudicca: The great outdoors was never my element. There’s a profound lack of cosmetic counters, and not enough wine bars.



Napolean: Perhaps you would benefit from opening your lovely eyes to new perspectives and broader horizons –

Boudicca: Pssht, no – my eyes are best left at half-mast, and prefer to remain so.



Napolean: Ah, but you are a child of the Great Earth Mother as are we all, and deserve to savor some of the happiness and delight she has to offer. No one should deny themselves this bounty –

Boudicca: That reminds me -- we had among our antecedents a survivor of the Bounty mutiny – he ran away from Paradise



Napolean: My dear, you needn’t run away – I shall be glad to offer you my hand, and lead you to your Paradise, so you shan’t be like your long-ago relation *smiling*.

Boudicca: You… you would do that for ME? Strangely, I am touched…



Boudicca: OH! This is NOT like me – I feel as if my soul  is laid bare -- !

Waramon: My, my -- usually it is her body  that is bared!

Persephone: **clickclickclickclick, to MJ** Somehow, I never thought my cousin HAD a soul to bare. Napolean has pulled off some sort of miracle…



Boudicca: How is this, I feel lighter than I ever have in my life – hopeful, even! **eyes shine**



Waramon: Imagine – she did it without the use of emetics! Oh, Persephone dear, why do you apply your heavy shoe to me?

Persephone: Because I CAN, brother dear.



E’Clair: How sweet – I think my brother likes Boudicca, and she may like him, too!

Tancredi: Amour, eet has eets lee-tle mys-teries, no? I weesh zhem bonne chance, as long as zhey do not move een weez us!

Lovechild: I didn’t know WE had anything to move into, papa!



Varius: *to self* These petty human relationships – and yet, I find myself strangely touched at how they reach out to one another, even after all the centuries…

Persephone: *to MJ* I find it touching how much control I DO have over my gag reflex…



Do you think it’ll stick? Stranger things can, and DO, happen…


My Fertility Goddess



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