Good thing Ms. Beamlette took ME to the LA Dolpa!

Posted November 28, 2007 by Tabitha




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Not that I’d let her get away with NOT taking me! I told her MY talent would be perfect for the “movie” theme of the Customize Contest –



She thought we should have this sign to warn everybody *smirk*.



beamlette: This was Tabby in situ  for the contest… I concealed a tiny MP3 player with speakers behind the sign, and set it to “repeat”. It drove some of the Volks workers nuts during the dinner party, LOL…



Ms. Beamlette was really surprised when she heard that we’d won this award… but I wasn’t!



See, this was Mr. Enk’s award – and I’m one of Mr. Enk’s most important sculpts –



He used to play recordings of Bluegrass music while he sculpted me, which is part of why I like the banjo. The other reason is because it annoys  people – the part I like best *snort*.



Thank you, Mr. Enk! And to everyone else – I won! Power to the Resins! IN YOUR FACE!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!



Let’s ROCK!!! **mad strumming riff**



Tabitha Cusack



Earplugs, anyone?


Any time of year, romance is in the air for resins; guess who?


Een ze bosom of *ma famille*



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