“Dear Rachel,”...

Posted November 28, 2007




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“…I begin to understand…



 “…the error of my ways in trying to make your acquaintance. Instead of taking the direct route of simply introducing myself, I confess a love of needlessly complicating matters, in the name of amusement.



 “This I have done ever since I can remember; however, it has not always gone smoothly… this occasion being the one to truly…”

**enter Ulf**



Ulf: Whatcha doin’, Mister One-Eye?

Smythe: *chuckle* Nothing like a direct question and observation in one breath! I am writing an apology to a lovely girl I have wronged.

Ulf: To a GIRL, huh! Why you WRONGED her – an’ what does that mean, anyways?

Smythe: It means I did something I shouldn’t have, which upset her. I did not mean to, and I want her to know this.

Ulf: Oh…



Smythe: Say, Ulf, I would be beholdin’ to you if you would get me some more paper, so I may finish my letter. If you please –

Ulf: Okay – I dunno what you’re holdin’, but I know where Fen’urch keeps some –



Ulf: I gots you some paper –

Smythe: Thank you, little man – you have done a good deed for the day *wink*.



“…bring me up short. Hmmm, here I go again, taking the long route – in sum, this letter is my apology to you. In my enthusiasm to meet you, I did not think how you would view my methods – to my great regret. Abusing your trust was no way to start a promising friendship. Your willingness to forgive me would be the greatest gift, if you see fit to bestow it. Indeed, I believe you could inspire me to tread the straight and narrow from now on. Most humbly, Smythe Leighton.”

Ulf: I dunno if I wanna learn how to write – I’d be writin’ ‘pologies ALL the time! *sigh*



Smart of Smythe to get Ulf on his side, don’t you think?


And Tabitha refuses to hide her light under a bushel. She’s darn proud of her award!


Good thing Ms. Beamlette took ME to the LA Dolpa!



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