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Posted November 19, 2007




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Tivadar: Mistress, I cannot shake this feeling that trouble is in the air – coming this way.

Fenchurch: You say that so often, I’m never sure when to take you seriously, Tivadar. I imagine it’s just the usual suspects, anyway.



**enter Smythe**

Smythe: Fenchurch, could I have a bit of your time, for some rational advice on a personal matter -- ?

Fenchurch: Sure, Smythe – have a seat.

Tivadar: Not so fast – I sense YOU are the source of trouble that I felt all this day!



Smythe: It’s not my intention to make trouble, for Fenchurch, or anyone, sir. I seek an end to trouble, and think your, um, mistress, can aid me to that end –

Tivadar: Very well… but know MY eyes will be on your one. *stare*



Fenchurch: Sorry about that, Smythe. It’d be flattering, if it weren’t so dramatic over nothing. Anyway, what do you think I can help with?

Smythe: I seek a voice of reason on a problem of my own making – so far I’ve had some rather mixed messages from persons who, shall we say, have their own agendas. It’s about my stumble with Rachel –



Fenchurch: Oh yes – Hiro was worried when I saw him last. He wasn’t sure what sort of reception he’d get when he gave Rachel your flowers and note. She didn’t hurt him yet, so that could be hopeful –

Smythe: I know… still, I’ve heard nothing since. *sigh* It’s a fine mess I’ve gotten myself into, and no way to take it all back and start fresh…



Fenchurch: Yup, you can’t change it. It’s a shame you lost your two best allies in this. Chance and Fred would’ve been fine with seeing you got introduced if you’d just asked them direct – you didn’t need to play any games.

Smythe: Don’t I know it! I just wanted it to be a surprise, to be fun – and I was helping out Chance, bringing his present to Wynnefred. I meant no harm to anyone, Rachel most of all –



Fenchurch: I didn’t think so. Rachel’s nice, but she is serious at times, and doesn’t like silly games -- and you did play fast and loose with her trust. She can’t help but think you’re just messing around at her expense. So, if you really like her you’ve got to think of some way to get her to listen to you again, and rebuild her trust.

Smythe: I know, I know – getting her to even LISTEN will be the hardest part –



Tivadar: You modern people waste too much time on all this talking, talking, talking! It was simple in my time and place – either marriages were arranged, or we came in the night and stole away the woman from her tribe. End of the story!



Smythe: Even I wouldn’t feel the need to make my point that way! I do know THAT wouldn’t work!

Fenchurch: Oh, don’t mind Tivadar – he can’t help his being old-fashioned. I suggest you write her a letter – just a letter, no fancy gifts or anything with it – and say that you’re sorry you did such a dumb thing, and please give you a chance. That’s what you want, so just say it that way.



Smythe: You know, I tried to get advice from my sister, who drew in her friends, but before they could say anything useful, my brother Howell scooped me up and took me to his room to be sure I got some brotherly  advice on the matter. And, it was much like you said – “If you still want her, just tell her. Now let’s go watch that soccer match on telly.” Well, of course except for the telly part. *grin*

Fenchurch: There you go – I couldn’t have said it better! Keep it simple and honest. There’s no guarantees it’ll work, but you’ll have tried.



Smythe: Smythe is no quitter, no indeed… no need to wish me luck; as always, I will make my own…!



I think Smythe’s previous experiences made him appreciate Fenchurch’s straightforward advice – which we find him endeavoring to follow in the next story –


“Dear Rachel,”…



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