Persephone's fingers fly over the keyboard

Posted October 1, 2006




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Waramon: *When* did you arrive, dearest sister?



Persephone: I wrote ahead, but I'm not surprised -- I knew you either wouldn't read it, or have forgotten. At any rate, Ms. Beamlette invited me.

Waramon: Bless that thoughtful Ms. Beamlette! **hug**



Persephone: You need looking-out for -- that seems destined to be my life's work.

Waramon: And you do that *so* well -- who else could I trust?



Boudicca: Ah, if it isn't little Persephone. What brings you here, besides an ill wind?

Persephone: Lovely to see you, too, cousin Boudicca. I presume you came here to dry out, yet again.



Boudicca: You LITTLE parsnip -- !



Waramon: Oh let's not have any quarrels *yet* -- there'll be ever so much time for that later **smile**



Tancredi: Well, eef eet eesn't ma petite demi-soeur, Per-se-pho-nee. Mees Beamlette wishes zat we 'ave a reunion de famille. Zat ees zo kind of her.



Persephone: I'm not sure just WHO it's kind for. It seems I'm always the one sweeping up after the elephant. Or in Boudicca's case, the giraffe.



Boudicca: Watch your tongue, you little ferret!

Waramon: Elephants, giraffes, ferrets -- even Tancredi -- there's room for us *all*.



I discover Hibou has romantic aspirations outside the household in:


I found Oona and Hibou online, reading



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