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Posted October 4, 2006




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Ö the finale of Clara's photostory,"Happiness is a Girl Named Asia."



Oona: Look, Hibou, this is such a sweet story. I *love* a romance, and I've read every episode so far. Maybe there'll be a happy ending tonight *sigh*

Hibou: *h-h-hooooooo*-ending-happy-?



Oona: *giggle* that Rhodry and Kobay! Kobay is just so cute and honest. Though I think Rhodry looks good with glasses.

Hibou: *w'hoooooo...*-glasses-cute-?



Oona: Oh, my, look at Asia! She's really going for it. Eeeee, look at what she's doing to Rhodry -- *whew* it's getting warm in here!

Hibou: *hooooooo*-warm-are-they-?



Oona: Ooooh, *that* was only a dream... Asia *just* isn't that into Rhodry.

Hibou: *w'hoooooo*-interest-nooooo...



Oona: Awww, *poor* Rhodry. I was so hoping Asia could get beyond her previous heartbreak and give him a chance.

Hibou: *hoooo*-Aaaasia-not...



Oona: Well, that's all over. C'mon, Hibou. Ms. Beamlette wants to use the computer.

Hibou: *wwwwooooooo*



Hibou: **stare**



Hibou: *hooooooo*-Rho-dry-...




This is how I found Hibou, hooooo-ing to herself, deep in thought.

Hibou: *rrrrrhoooooo-dry*



Kenzo finds himself missing a certain girl named KaidaÖ


Kaida, it hasnít been the same since Austin



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