Then she took me to the

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Posted September 29, 2006 by Fenchurch




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and the Commons, on a nice sunny day.


We stopped in the shade to admire this cheerful little fountain...



Usually they have swan boats on the lake behind me, but only in the summer...



But there are real birds to watch...



We found this huge ginkgo tree -- aren't the leaves beautiful?



There were SO many squirrels, big ones, madly gathering acorns -- but I didn't have any food with me for them, so they hurried away!



In a corner of the Commons they have this peaceful old cemetery...



Ms. Beamlette found this stone with her mom's maiden name on it -- wouldn't it be interesting if it were one of her ancestors...



I'm glad I got to go to Boston, just like I'm glad I got to go to Austin... and see you... wish you could've been here too...






With everyone back at home finally, it was time at last to introduce Waramon’s younger sister Persephone (after owning her for four months!)


**Tat-tat-tat** -- Persephone's fingers fly over the keyboard



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