Hiro, I didnít just play ping-pong in Boston

Posted September 29, 2006 by Fenchurch




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One day Ms. Beamlette took me to the Museum of Fine Arts, so I thought I'd share some of it with you.


Sorry if some of the pics are a little blurry. The light can be dodgy, they don't allow flash, and Ms. Beamlette didn't bring a tripod ><


Of course I got to see some of the Egyptian things they have -- like this statue of Menkaura, who built the Third Pyramid.



And another statue of Menkaura, with his consort -- a really fine piece.



Think of the work, to both MAKE and MOVE a sarcophogus like this.



And then there are painted wood coffins, like this one for a Songstress of Amen, who died as a young woman.



I also like studying about the ancient Romans -- here are some coins...



and some cameos -- look at that big one -- my mom would like these...



and pottery -- think they used these for seafood? ><



Um, Hiro, the next time Ms. Galatia makes you wear a skirt, wear something like THIS *giggle*



Ms. Beamlette said last year they had some very nice kimonos, swords and accessories on display, but they weren't out this year. Instead there were wonderful prints we couldn't photograph, and huge screens, like this one.



And there's lots of paintings to see, like this dramatic "Watson and the Shark" by John Singleton Copley.



In this room they have late 19th-century artists like John Singer Sargeant -- his portraits always look so proud and effortless...



of course we wound up in the gift-and-bookshop -- looking for something good to read on the plane trip home...



Fenchurch concludes with Part 2 of her tour:


Then she took me to the Boston Public Gardens



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