What to do in Boston

Posted September 25, 2006 by Fenchurch




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Fenchurch: Okay, Tancredi -- heads up. Let's make use of these ping-pong paddles Ms. Beamlette got for us!



Tancredi: Eh, hit zee ball already, Mam'zelle Sportif.



BF Carl: Uh-huh. You've hit the lamp. Keep your eye on the ball, Tan boy.



Ms.Beamlette: Cool it on the game, kids. Time to eat, anyway.
Fenchurch: About time. Besides, Tan doesn't really play -- it interferes with his smoking.
Tancredi: Eet does cause my cee-garette to go out...



Fenchurch: Which do you want -- a hamburger or a sandwich?

Tancredi: Nei-ther 'olds any gas-tro-nomique appeal pour moi



Fenchurch: GAAAAH! Just TAKE one already!



Tancredi: Well... eef you put eet like zat -- vous may choose pour moi zen.



A little while later...
Fenchurch: Now another choice -- milk, or dark chocolate?
Tancredi: I shall take ze one wheech ees closest, zo as to not ruf-fle your fea-thers again –



Tancredi: **to self** Mon dieu, 'ow I mees ma belle E'Clair...



Fen didn’t just stay in the room – she went out and about in Boston:


Hiro, I didn’t just play ping-pong in Boston



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