What’s that tune I hear Shulamith humming?

Posted September 10, 2006




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Shulamith: **humming** "Luck be a lady tonight... "

Beamlette: Well, well, someone's mighty happy this afternoon.



Shulamith: Yes... yes, I am...

Beamlette: I do see you're back home safe, at any rate. Isn't that some new jewelry you're wearing?



Shulamith: Yes it is -- . Pearls are classic, but this has a nice modern twist, don't you think?

Beamlette: I suppose so. Whatever makes you happy. As long as you aren't getting in over your head.



Shulamith: Nothing to worry about -- I have *everything* under control…



Chance, Fenchurch, Kenzo and Tancredi had a fine time in Austin with their sweethearts, and although I didn’t do any stories from there, my next doll convention trip the following week yielded some adventures, mainly with Fenchurch, to keep her Hiro informed:


What to do in Boston



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