Tarquin decides he and Paladin need to talk

Posted April 4, 2006




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Tarquin: Little bro’, you keep avoiding me since I got here. Now tell me, what’s up.

Paladin: Do you – do you really want to know?...



Paladin: I – I’ve always been in your shadow. Everyone always paid attention to you, and everything came your way. Here, I didn’t have to put up with that. But now it’ll be back like it always was, and – and – and – **in a low voice** you’ll probably take Oona, too…



Tarquin: Yeah, I admit, I’m a pretty tough act to follow *smile*, but, things change.



Tarquin: I mean, I’m impressed with you, squirt. I was carrying around this mental image of you at thirteen when I was looking for you, and – here you are, pretty good-lookin’ and with a fine girlfriend to boot. I’m really happy for you. It makes me wonder what our little sister’s like now.

Paladin: Mm, Allegra… she’d be fifteen.



Tarquin: I’ve been looking for her, too. Maybe we can look together now. And don’t you worry about me doing something stupid like stealing Oona from you. Besides, there’s plenty of other girls around. I don’t need ALL of them *wink*.

Paladin: If you say so… And it would be nice to see Allegra again… maybe she could come live here with us…



Tarquin: And what’s the deal with that guy – he keeps wavin’ and winkin’ in our direction.

Paladin: That’s just Waramon. He bats for both teams.



Tarquin: Huh – if he keeps it up I’ll have to pound him.

Paladin: Naw, I wouldn’t bother. He’d like it too much.



And there were indeed other girls around, as proven in:


Let’s eavesdrop on Fenchurch and Tarquin



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