Our guardian runs a home

for wayward boys and girls >>>

Posted April 3, 2006 by Fenchurch




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At least that’s what it seems like. Paladin’s older brother Tarquin has come to stay, so it’s time for a meet’n’greet.



Tarquin: I’m Tarquin, Paladin’s big brother. I asked your guardian if I could come here, and she was cool enough with it to say yes. I think you’ll find me pretty easy to get along with.



Gobnait: Uh-HUH. I’d sure like to get along with him ASAP.

Waramon: M-HM – I agree with you, my angel of darkness.



Paladin: *sigh* Why did she have to do this…

Oona: Your brother seems nice. You’ve never really said anything about him – or that you had one, sweetie.



Tarquin: Hey, it’s been YEARS since I’ve seen my little brother. I mean, look how he’s grown. No longer the little squirt. Just lookit that face.

Paladin: *blush*



Tarquin: AND he’s got some girlfriend, has my little brother. So you’re the lucky chick who owns his heart.

Oona: Teehee, yes – yes, I’m VERY lucky aren’t I?

Paladin: *groan* kill me now…



Tarquin: I’m looking forward to getting to know my house mates – like YOU for instance – Gobnait, isn’t it?

Gobnait: Likewise – just call on me, any time of day or night – emphasis on the ANY.

Waramon: Yes – any time, any WHERE…



Tarquin: Talk about a friendly bunch – I think I’m going to like it here.

Gobnait: Ooo, I like it HERE more already.

Waramon: I concur with you, my sweet cherry tomato…

Paladin: *I – I – can’t – stand – it*

Oona: Oh, sweetie…



Fenchurch: Whew – now THERE’S a stiff breeze of testosterone! And it’s pretty obvious Paladin’s not too happy to see his brother. We’ll see how this plays out…



And here’s how it did play out between the brothers:


Tarquin decides he and Paladin need to talk



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