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Posted March 30, 2006




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…to take a nap.

Chance:Zzzzzzzz~~~ hhhhh…



Chance: Zzz* Wha – HUH? Why do I have this feeling someone’s staring at me -- ?



Gobnait: Just enjoying viewing Sleeping Beauty here. One of my little pleasures in life.



Gobnait: Mmm, sweetcheeks, care to do a little reminiscing about a certain New Year’s tryst?

Chance: Er, no, not really. I’d just as soon forget about it.



Gobnait: Too bad – it’s a memory I’d love to relive – and I do mean LIVE, puddin’.

Chance: It’s one time I wish I were dead.



Gobnait: I so dislike unfinished business. Now pucker up for me, sweetie –

Chance: ***!!!!!***



Chance: NO! Get away from me, you harpy! I’m not going to be intimidated by you!

Gobnait: And after all we meant to each other – you’re going to throw me over for that little schoolgirl Wynnefred?



Chance: In a heartbeat! And don’t you go trashing her name. It’s none of your business anyway. Now go away.

Gobnait: Very well. But I’ll be around should you change your mind.



Gobnait: **to herself** Lucky girl, Fred…



Fred had a few harsh words for Gobnait, but was of course happy that Chance stood up for her.


April 2006 saw the arrival of some new additions to the household, starting with:


Our guardian runs a home for wayward boys and girls



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