Wynnefred, I know it’s been a while >>>

Posted March 29, 2006




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…since our date. I hope you enjoyed it – I know I did.



Would you like to go out again this Saturday? See a movie, and have something to eat afterwards? Unfortunately there’s no movie right now like “Pride and Prejudice”. We could see “Eight Below,” or “V for Vendetta,” or maybe the “Ice Age” sequel would be more fun because it’s humorous. And I like animation…


Let me know what you decide… I hope it’s “yes”. *blush*


Your friend,




Twas not in vain. Wynnefred gladly accepted, and Chance happily responded:


“Eight Below” it is then >>> posted March 29, 2006.


And a walk afterwards.

Oh yeah, Tabby was in trouble again – she’s 100 times the trouble Maeby could ever be. *sigh* Of course I rescued her. Thankfully, Waramon doesn’t move too fast.


Fenchurch says hello back.



Poor Chance – a little unfinished business came back to haunt him just after that happy exchange:


Just when you thought it was safe



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