Let’s eavesdrop on Fenchurch and Tarquin >>>

Posted April 5, 2006




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…As they walk home from the movies.


Tarquin tries to put his arm around her shoulders as they walk.


Fenchurch: I really hate to have to warn you yet again that you may be pulling back a bloody stump if you do that once more.



Tarquin: So, why did you go out with me, then?

Fenchurch: You could call it feminine curiosity. Or the Mount Everest Syndrome – “Because it’s THERE.”



Tarquin: Ah – then you ARE a little interested –



Fenchurch: A girl would have to be stone cold dead AND decomposing to not be affected by your looks. So, I admit to a moment of weakness; I’m much like any other girl. Besides, Gobnait seems more like your type.



Tarquin: Well, yeah – she’s HOT. But sometimes I like something different. Like you. I think of you as “The Girl Next Door”.



Fenchurch: I know we have to live under the same roof, but you can think of me as “The Girl Who Lives Catty-Corner Across The Street And Three Blocks Down”, instead? Cutting to the chase, Tarquin – we have nothing in common. It wouldn’t work. I’d prefer someone I have similar interests with, and can talk to.



Tarquin: But you have heard of opposites attracting -- *smile*



Fenchurch: Oh yes – but then they wind up like my parents, divorced and picking up the pieces. It’s exciting in the moment, but that’s about it. I’d rather that history not repeat itself, in my life.



Tarquin: *sigh* You’ve made your case, Fenchurch. I surrender to your superior intellect.

Fenchurch: Thanks for seeing it my way. It’ll save grief in the long run. And I’m not the only girl left on the planet. You’ll be OK.

Tarquin: So true…



Fenchurch: Oh, and one more thing -- **giggling** I REALLY wanted to see that movie!

Tarquin: Ouch! Now THAT really hurts!



While my Tarquin Intro stories were going on, Wynnefred was suddenly called away to Japan on account of her grandfather’s death. Chance understood that family comes first, but – right in the middle of his budding love interest. I wondered what he would do, and I thought of him changing, going bad or off the deep end. However, I rejected that approach as too dramatic. Instead, it gave me the idea to have fun with an Alternative Universe, in which everyone was opposite of their usual characters:


Meanwhile, in an Alternate Universe



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