Tancredi Meets a Witch,

 and Val Unintentionally Eavesdrops

Posted October 28, 2010




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Tancredi: Ah, zo you are une sorcière, Madame? I ‘ave une question – do you to place curses eef asked?

Beitris the Witch: That depends – on who you wish cursed, and what sort of curse –

Valentine: *to self* Ohhhhwhy did I choose THIS room to sit in? I don’t like the sound of what’s going on…

The Bats: *squeet-squee*! **flap-flap-flap**



Tancredi: Mon papa needs to be taught une les-son. ‘E ‘as in-sulted moi one time too man-y –

Bat: *squeeet*!



Beitris: Not an uncommon complaint, sir *chuckle*. What would you like to me to do to him, then? Shrink him to Lilliputian size, or perhaps turn him into a small creature? Frogs are an ever-popular choice –



Valentine: *to self* They’re – they’re talking about Uncle Basil! *gasp* Could she – could she really turn him into a – a –



Tancredi: Eh… une grenouille, you say – zat would to be a fine i-ro-nee, seence ‘e some-times calls me ‘ees lee-tle FROGGY son *dirty French chuckle*. Non, I ‘ave even a bet-ter idée – ‘e shall be une bat!



Beitris: A lovely, seasonal choice, Sir; my plump little pet here, Licorice, heartily approves. We will need to sort out some details, first – intended victim’s name, duration of curse, et cetera –

Licorice: *giggle*!



Valentine: *to self* Ohhh, noooo, Uncle Basil a bat! As if these bats don’t make me nervous enough already… I just KNOW one will get in my hair *shudder*!



Will Beitris carry out the curse? Will Basil be turned into a bat for Halloween – and will he get into poor Valentine’s hair? Most likely – Basil loves a good joke on his kin, as we all well know!


Of course the Sparrows have to have a Halloween story; they are the little princesses of “tricks’n’treats” –



***SPARROW-een*** 2010



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