Tancredi Dons an Aristocrat’s Garb

Posted October 28, 2010




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Me: Ms. Gayle was right – you look SO handsome in that outfit!

Tancredi: Mon Dieu! I am dressed like ze arees-to-crats! Zees ees an a-bom-ee-nation

The Bats: *squeeee-squeeee-squeeet*! **flap-flap**



Me: Ah, relax – think of it as a Halloween costume. It’s that time of year, you know.

Tancredi: I would rather to be dressed as une pump-keen *grumble*…



Basil: Heh, swell threads, Son – though ye look like th’ head footman at Buckingham. ‘Ere’s a fiver, hail me a cab, then – HAR!

Tancredi: An a-ris-to-crat does NOT call ze cabs, e-ven for hees père. Be-sides, I on-lee accept ze Eu-ros *sniff*.



Basil: An’ wot’s wiyer BATS, then? Got loose of yer BELFREY? Harhahrhar

Tancredi: Zey are no-theeng to moi; ask Mees Beam-lette eef you want to know *harrumph*.

The Bat: *squeet-squeeet*! **flap**



Basil: Wot’ever, Son – as always, yer got that big burr still under yer saddle. Doncher ever get tired o’it? See ya ‘round, then –

Tancredi: I do not to ride, zo zese “burr” you speak of, I geeve to you, papa, for tu an’ ze cheval you rode een on! *snort*



Basil: Heh… hope that fancy get-up don’t mean he’s goin’ all poofter like me other son – better have a little talk wiMarji



Tancredi: Ah, Monsieur Bat-ty, does your papa ag-gra-vate you like zees? Or do you e-venave a papa, hm?

Bat: *squeeet*! **flap-flap**



Tancredi then gets an idea for revenge –



Tancredi Meets a Witch, and Val Unintentionally Eavesdrops



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