Myrtle Takes Issue With Her Costume

Posted October 24, 2010




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Myrtle: I know I’m small, and I know humans insist on the “cuteness” factor when they’re dealing with us…



…but I’d have appreciated Ms. Beamlette at least ASKING me what I’d like to wear for Halloween –



My wants are simple; I’d’ve liked to have been a princess



       or even a KITTY! But noooooo! And I know I’m not the only one on the Zone who’s experienced this, too!



*grumble* All because Ms. Beamlette found this outfit for sale on the Zone, and it happened to be MY size –



Zimta: Not so terrible it is a PUMPKIN to be, oh little Myrtle – myself enjoys it, and sweet birdy Niku, too –

Niku: ni-ku-ni-ku-ni-ku-ni-ku-ni-ku!

Moth: Pun’kins is FUN, an’ deys gets lotsa candy, I bet!

Myrtle: You both have SQUASH for brains, anyway! I’m outta here. **stomp-stomp-stomp**

Bats: *squee-squeee-squeeee*! **flap-flap-flap**



Myrtle is one humorless little elf – though I think Monsieur Tancredi outdoes her in the humorless department,

 as we’ll next see –



Tancredi Dons an Aristocrat’s Garb



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