No Good Snog Goes Unpunished

Posted October 7, 2010




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Basil: Here now, has anyone seen the telly remote?

Waramon and BV: *smmmmmmmoooooch-smmmmoooooooch-ssssmmmmmmmooooooooch*! **writhe-writhe**



Basil: Listen, me poofter son, why don’ ye take this business ’o yers behind closed doors, then? I’d as soon not hafta SEE ye doin’ it, even though I know ye does it!

Waramon and BV: *smoooooch-smmmoooooch-smmmmmooooooooch*…



Basil: Ah! Yer a LASS, not a lad, then!

BV: Yep, been that way all my life, and no interest in changing – it works for me! *smirk*

Waramon: *groan* Father – just GO AWAY, won’t you? We’re busy, you daft old man –



BV: Hey, you come barging in here, and act so surprised that I’m a female – just who ARE you, and what business is it of yours?

Basil: Here now, I’m Basil Sinclair, this poofter’s DAD, I am, and mighty surprised to find him with’ opposite sex. I had no idea he had any truck wi’ the lasses – ‘tis the first I seen o’ it –

Waramon: *groan*  And it is SO none of your business –



BV: Listen, Stretch, your son likes the ladies just FINE! As well as he does the men – he’s just an all-around opportunist when it comes to romance. So cut him some slack, will you?

Basil: Huh… well, tha’s one way a’ lookin’ at it –



Marjolaine: Ah, zere you are, mon cher. Deed you to for-get zat you were to take moi to ze Jer-ree Lew-ees fee-lm festi-val zees soir?

Basil: Guess what I found out, Marjie – me other son’s NOT a complete poofter! Met his lady friend here – he has a lady friend, and knows wot to do wit’ her, harhar!



Marjolaine: Zat ees nice, but we weel be late for ze fee-lm; come along!

Basil: Alright, son, you heard what Marjie says, I got me marchin’ orders. Carry on, harharhar!

BV: So long, you crazy kids – have fun! **waves**



BV: So that’s your father – he’s not so bad-looking, for an old coot –

Waramon: *sigh* He’s insufferable… the one person I know who can make me totally miserable *pout*…

BV: Aw, sweetie – from what I hear, that’s what parents are for. **pats back** There, there… shall we get back to business, and take your mind off him, then?

Waramon: Oh… yes… please –



Gobnait: Hey, I’ve been looking all over for my old drinking pal, Black Violet! Figures Waramon would be monopolizing yer time, and leave me none for a good-by tipple –

BV: The big W just had a little trauma – well, maybe it was more of a BIG trauma, seeing as how it was his father who caused it! Anyway, where you been keeping yourself all this time, Gobby?




Gobnait: There! That’s for not telling me about BV – had to find it out from the internet. Do we still have time for a drink for old times’ sake, hon?

Waramon: Ow! And you haven’t been giving me enough love taps lately, either –

BV: Eh, she’ll have plenty of time for that when I’m gone. How about making us some drinks for a little toast, will you?



**a little later**

Gobnait: Here’s to BV, and her trip home – **clinks glasses**

BV: I’m thinkin’ I could use some to go, too – hey, W, where’s your drink?

Waramon: It’s quite unnecessary – I’m positively drunk with all your beauty! *chuckle* 



I think that helped Waramon forget all about his nasty old daddy for now, hm?


I was so looking forward to putting this costume on Myrtle for Halloween; unfortunately, the feeling wasn’t mutual –



Myrtle Takes Issue With Her Costume



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