Black Violet Moves On – To Yet *Another* Parlor

Posted October 7, 2010




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Black Violet: *grumble* Just as well I’m leaving this crackerjack factory – **stomp-stomp**



Buddha Girl: Hey dere, Ms. BV – how it hangin’?

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, how you are?

Tragic Plum: Ohhh, yes – though I don’t like the sound of hanging – I hope there isn’t too much of that involved… oooooh

BV: Well, hello my little girlies – you’re just in time to say good-bye!



Buddha Girl: Yeh, we hear you headin’ out – dat why you look kinda sad?

Angry Sparrow: O’ mebbe you NOT so sad to leave?

Buddha Girl: OoohI’m sad anyway; I know that much… oooooh

BV: Awww, does my face look THAT long? Sorry, kiddos, guess I have a lot on my mind –

Buddha Girl: Eh, how ‘bout you sit wit’ us fo’ a moment, get you head on straight?

BV: Sure… maybe that’s what I need. Thanks, girlies –



BV: That’s sweet of you to be worried about me, but it’s all good; I’m going back to Ms. Ange, my original home. Though I have to say, you all look a little down in the dumps, too – what’s up with you?

Buddha Girl: Oh – we jus’ tinkin’ ‘bout our mom –

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, you kinda like her –

Tragic Plum: Oooh, yes… though not as tall…

BV: Really? Well, I understand the height part, anyway… if you don’t mind me asking – what happened to your mom, and do you know where she is?



Buddha Girl: Well… it long story, kinda comp’icated. Short version is, she busy, den we win’ up here wit Ms. Beamlette

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, an’ she always busy, too… d’o wit wat, we dunno

Tragic Plum: Oh yes, so we’re at loose ends… and we don’t know when… if ever… we’ll see our mother again… OR have a story of our own… oooooooh



BV: Oh… that’s… so sad, girlies… I… I’m sorry – I almost wish you could come with me…



Waramon: And I wish I could come with you, my darling dark posy! Were you intending to slip away without a proper good-bye to your tall one? *pout*

Black Violet: Oh! I thought maybe you’d taken a powder, to avoid the whole messy farewell business. I never know with you –

Buddha Girl: Eh, do annyone KNOW annyting wit’ HIM?

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, excepdat he a perv?

Tragic Plum: Ooooh, I thought that was the ONLY thing about HIM… oooh



BV: You big dope, OF COURSE I want to say goodbye to YOU – a long one, preferably. C’mere!!!

Waramon: I cannot resist such a command, and am happy to join you on the aptly-named love seat! *wink*

Buddha Girl: Well, dat our sign we get outta here, b’fore we sorry!

Angry Sparrow: Wat make you tink we ain’t alreddy?

Tragic Plum: Oooh, yes… I woke up sorry this morning… even more than any other morning… ooooh… **slide**



Waramon: Ah – selfish me delights in having you all to my own *smile* –

BV: Right now I am SO not interested in sharing, either! It’s just you and me, big W –



Waramon: I shall miss you, my dusky blossom – will you miss me as much, hmmmm?

BV: That depends – show me just HOW much. I need guidelines, hon



Waramon: Do you, then… mmmm… I see… starting with that delectable pouty mouth of yours, yes…



BV and Waramon: *sssssmmmmmmmooooooooooch-smmmmmmmooooooooch-smmmoooooooooooooooooooch*… **thrash-thrash-thrash**



Continued in Part Three:



No Good Snog Goes Unpunished



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