We Find Black Violet In The Parlor

Posted October 7, 2010




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Black Violet: *sing-song* Dum-de-dum-de-dum… la-la… I’m going home soon, going home soon… **foot tapping**



Varius: You will be missed here, you know, dear Violet –

BV: Yikes! All this time, and I’m STILL not used to how you creep up, sweetie! **shiver**



Varius: My apologies, dear; ‘tis hard to break the habits acquired over the millennia. At any rate, I shall miss you, though I understand Ms. Ange’s desire for you to return to your natal crib –

BV: Yeah… it’s flattering that she wants me back enough to find the scratch for my, um, bail, ransom, whatever you want to call it. I – I’ve missed her, too –



BV: Y’know, I’m flattered that you’ll miss me *chuckle*. And I think it goes without sayin’ that I’ll miss you. I do like those shivers you give me – they’re good shivers –

Varius: Ah, that warms my cold old heart to hear you say that –



Varius: Shall I oblige you with a shiver or two, “for the road”, as the colloquial expresses it? **caress**

BV: You know I’d like that – suuuuuuremmmmm



Varius: Mmmmm

BV: Mmmmmmm



Arsinoë: Bravo! **applauds** Old claptrap though it may be, it never fails you, does it, Varius my love?

Varius: Haha, I prefer to think of it as the “tried and true” – with emphasis on the “true”, dearest!

BV: And YOU have a lotta nerve, killin’ the mood here, Madam Bloodsucker!



Arsinoë: I could not restrain myself, although I have heard the wording so MANY times before. Chalk it up to the green-eyed monster that lies in all of us –

BV: In your case it’s the bloodshot RED eyes, isn’t it?



Varius: While I appreciate your display of continued devotion to me, Arsinoë, do permit me to express my fond farewell to our guest –

Arsinoë: Touché, Miss Violet. Carry on, then, since you shall be soon departing, and leaving Varius behind for my continued pleasure –

BV: Pfffffft, too late – you’ve gone and killed the mood – no surprise! *snort*



Continued in Part Two:



Black Violet Moves On – To Yet *Another* Parlor



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