Posted September 30, 2010




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Me: OMG, your brother Paolo’ll throw a fit if he sees you in that get-up!

Donatella: Just take a clue from my name, Ms. Beamlette

Me: Clue?



Donatella: “Don’ a tell-a” him, and he don’t-a haf-ta know *chuckle* –

Me: Very funny, young lady, very funny –

Donatella: Besides, you’re the one who bought this costume, at that convention in July –

Me: You’re not the only one around here that it’ll fit! Though I admit, it certainly fits you



Donatella: You betcha! **waggles bunny tail**

Me: Ah-ah, Missy – you seem to know a little too much about how to work that –



Donatella: Chill, Ms. Beamlette – it’s all in fun. As in that ooooooooold song, “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”, ya know? *wink*

Me: Don’t remind me – I remember when that song was NEW! *groan*



Told you – not at ALL serious!


Black Violet’s original guardian, Ange, came through with her bus fare, and so a farewell story ensued –



We Find Black Violet In The Parlor



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