Totally SUREAL, man

Posted September 28, 2010




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Recently, I rediscovered my one and only Sybarite’s default dress, which I’d never taken out of its package – and my Sybarite, Sureal, has been long gone these past 3 years! Just for fun, I tried it on my Syrinx by Anu, Xiomara



Me: Mmm, that’s a pretty good fit on you. What do you think?

Xiomara: I agree, it’s nice, and it fits… but – did you notice something – a little odd? Hmmmm?



Xiomara: What is up with these SLEEVES, down here on my HIPS?

Me: Welllll… the name of the dress and doll WAS “Sureal” – guess that’s what they meant –



Xiomara: *sings* ♪…Ohhhh, ya gotta have a gimmick… ♫

**shimmies hips and does toweling movement**

Me: All right, all right, you’ve made a point, though I’m not sure exactly WHAT point –



Xiomara: You didn’t like my singing?

Me: So that’s what that was? Just kidding. Seriously though, I think you carry off that dress very well –



Xiomara: I’ll take that as a compliment then… got any other funny stuff for me to wear?

Me: Haha, we’re just getting started, sweetie!



Eventually we’ll find that Xiomara has a more serious purpose for being here…


Donatella, on the other hand, hates being serious!






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