To SEE or NOT To See

Posted September 23, 2010




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Lenore: Trillian, honey, ditch the regular glasses and get yourself some SHADES!

Trillian: Oh – you think so? –



Lenore: I KNOW so! Besides, it’s summer, and that light’s a killer. Next thing you know, the crows’ feet are here to stay around your eyes –

Trillian: Gosh… I certainly don’t want crows’ feet –



Trillian: Maybe I could paint my lenses black? –

Lenore: Suuuuure you could – and then you’d be blind as a bat, silly goose –



Trillian: But if I were blind, would I really need ANY glasses then?

Lenore: Park ‘em on your head, hang ‘em from your neck, stick ‘em back on your face, I don’t CARE! Sheesh!



Trillian’s more of a Gracie Allen type… payback’s a b*tch, eh, Lenore?


I acquired a Syrinx by Anu in early June 2010, and had some fun finding things for her to wear –



Totally SUREAL, man



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