Kiku wears the theme color

Posted September 21, 2010




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*clears throat*  My name is KikuKiku Birnbaum. My daddy is an important attorney, Mister Harry Birnbaum. I thought you should know, just in case you need a good one. Anyway, since I wore yellow today, I thought I’d better show everyone on Zone of Zen – whatever that is. My dress came from a very nice lady named Melanie in Florida *smile*.



Even my HAIR is yellow, which shows how serious I am about the theme, huh?



I know, my shoes AREN’T yellow – but they’re very nice ones, from Volks. I like that they’re high-heeled, sort of. Make me feel grown-up.



Well… I guess that’s all for now **swings feet back and forth**. I hope you liked my little presentation. I don’t think I’m going to be graded on it – too bad, ‘cause I thought I was very good. Have a nice day… *hums*.



That you were, sweetie.


Lenore lost her straight man Bettina after the shoe shopping adventure, and picked up Trillian to pal around with –



To SEE or NOT To See



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