“Rain, rain go away…”

Posted September 8, 2010




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We had some unexpected showers yesterday morning. I looked out on the back patio, to see Hyacinth standing there…


Hyacinth: *siiiiiiigh*…



Me: Isn’t this refreshing? We haven’t had rain in ages –

Hyacinth: Oh – you surprised me; I didn’t know anyone else was out here –



Me: Sorry about that – are you feeling okay, hon?

Hyacinth: Oh, yes – and no  I mean, I came out for a breath of fresh air. Desmond was being vexing, as usual – you know how he is *hmph*

Me: Ever the little brother, eh?



Hyacinth: Exactly. Anyway… yes, the rain is refreshing, I agree. However    *pause* –

Me: Yes, dear?



Hyacinth: As you can well see, it further curls my hair, as if it needed more assistance! *primp*

Me: Woe is you, my dear –



Hyacinth: Woe, indeed! I shall be old before my time, if this keeps up –

Me: I’d sympathize more, but it’s hard when I’m stifling a laugh, sweetheart –



Hyacinth: I am SO unappreciated in this house – therefore I feel entitled to wax dramatic!

Me: Save it for your drama classes, please *snerk*.

Hyacinth: Practice makes perfect, Ms. Beamlette *smirk*.



And she means it, as she is ALWAYS “practicing”…


Another proud little miss in my crew is Harry the Attorney’s daughter, Kiku, who was recast in late 2007, but other than a glimpse as a trick-or-treater in the 2008 Halloween story, has not had air time. Here, she acquits herself ably for Zone of Zen’s monthly color theme –



Kiku wears the theme color



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