***SPARROW-een 2010***

Posted October 31, 2010




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Varius: Ah, so good to see my dear Maker again – and on this particular day, too *chuckle* –

Belshunu: Yes… a day of treats, indeed… each era has its festivals. I so enjoy a treat myself… the taste of young, fresh blood now and again… just a taste, mind you…



Varius: Arsinoë will be delighted to see you – or have you already encountered her?

Belshunu: No… not yet. All in good time; I’m in no hurry. I understood… from the mistress of this household… that I am welcome to stay, for as long as I wish. It appears… to be densely populated…

Varius: Haha, yes! And all very tempting, but I maintain discretion, so as to not abuse her hospitality –



Belshunu: As shall I… there is an advantage to being of such a great age as mine, at any rate… I have no pressing thirst as I once did when a fledgling. You could say… I am more of a connoisseur, and needn’t rampage through the human populace… tempting as it may be… *smile*



Buddha Girl: Eh, TrickerTreat, bloodsuckers! Guess it no big deal to you, ‘cause you dressed like Halloweenie ALL de time!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, same cheesy costumes.

Tragic Plum: Oooh… they may look cheesy, but they STILL scare ME… ooooh

Belshunu: Ah… and pray, tell… who are you dressed as… for this tricking and treating venture?... It looks as if it has brought you success in amassing sweets…



Buddha Girl: I’m Marie Ant’nette, befo’ she lose de head! An’ yeh, we gots a pretty good haul goin’ here so fa’ –

Angry Sparrow: I’m a witch; I stick to de classicks.

Tragic Plum: I’m a pirate – and I shall swash your buckles, if you don’t give me candy… but… I scare MYSELF then, oooooh



Belshunu: *sotto voce* I would say… they are ALL pirates! Quite bold for their size, no?...

Varius: More like BECAUSE of it! *chuckle*



Buddha Girl: Annyway, we still expecks TREATS, o’ you better be reddy fo’ de TRIX!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, TRIX.

Tragic Plum: Ooooh, you mean… we’ll give him CEREAL? I… I don’t think vampires are scared of cereal…

Belshunu: So bold, so bold… and do you not fear ME, as I am indeed a vampire… and may at any moment seize you… and drain you dry?...



Buddha Girl: Nahhh, we no scared a’ YOU – we took de pr’cashion befo’ we step out tonight. We eat KIMCHEE, an’ lots’a it!

Angry Sparrow: An’ kimchee fulla GA’LIC *burp* –

Tragic Plum: Ooooh, yes… LOTS of garlic… I chopped it all up, too… ooooh



Buddha Girl: So see, you can’t touch us, ‘cause we all ga’licked up to de HILT!

Tragic Plum: Oooh, sister’s correct… because I used THIS sword to chop the garlic **waves sword**… and… and… if I MUST, I shall run you through with it! So… it will REALLY hurt… ooooh



Buddha Girl: So, NYAHHH-NYAHHH, you can’ touch US! Mwhahaha!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, we UNTOUCH’BLE!

Tragic Plum: Oooh, yes, I wouldn’t touch us if I were you… besides, I really don’t like that sort of thing, anyway, noooo

Varius: Poor things – shall I tell them that old wives’ tale has long been disproven?

Belshunu: I wouldn’t… waste my breath… though they certainly DO reek of it… **fans**



Varius and Belshunu: Ah! Dearest Arsinoë – welcome!

Arsinoë: Good evening – are you two being serenaded by our little bird friends, then? Though I generally find their twittering to be a tiresome din –

Buddha Girl: Eh, anudder bloodsucker – we not scared a’ YOU, eider! We gots our GA’LIC on, IN’n’OUT.

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, we got de stink goin’.

Tragic Plum: Oh yes, we’re the epitome of garlic… Gilroy has nothing on us, noooo….



Arsinoë: Garlic has NO effect on me, little birds. Even so, if I were to drink ALL your blood, it would be no more to me than those silly wax bottles and lips given out to the little beggars who justify their request with the refrain, “Trick or treat!” Hardly a good squirt to wet my lips – **flash of teeth and eyes**

Tragic Plum: *squeak*! Oooooooooooooo

Buddha Girl: Ehhhh… I… see wat you mean…

Angry Sparrow: *gulp*!



Buddha Girl: Eh, Okey-dokety den – we be off, gots LOTS more Trickertreatinneedindoin’ – see you ‘round –

Angry Sparrow: O’not, pref’ably.

Tragic Plum: Oooooh, yes, we’ll need LOTS more candy – to help us forget THIS… oooooooh

Belshunu: I daresay… at the risk of flattering us… there is not enough candy in the world… to EVER forget… *chuckle*…

Varius: Once again, dear Arsinoë, I am in awe of your gift of intimidation –

Arsinoë: Psssht, ‘twas nothing – though oddly, I find myself wanting to visit the local Koreatown… *grin*.



Arsinoë enjoys an occasional Asian dish *wink*.


Witchcraft has its limitations, it would appear –



That Old *Dork* Magic



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