That Old *Dork* Magic

Posted October 31, 2010




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Beitris: So… you wish to become a witch?

Young Tabitha: Heck, yeah – I want you to show me your spells, and all that stuff. I’ve got scores to settle –

Beitris: Is that so? With whom shall we start, then?

Young Tabitha: Ummm *thinks* – my brother’s dorky best friend – his name is Quade

**off** Quade: I HEARD that, you even bigger dork!



Beitris: I see him; that puny lad with the spectacles, correct?

Young Tabitha: You got it, Witch Lady – he’s a spect’cle, all right, ‘specially when I give him a sore eye **shakes fist**.

**off** Quade: Hey, I heard THAT, too, ya dumb girl!

Beitris: Watch carefully, dear – wave your hand thusly, and speak the spell – Viverus, nostrum y prolongus!




Beitris: My apologies, dear – it appears to have had NO effect; I do not understand what happened –

Young Tabitha: Huh – guess it means he can’t get ANY dorkier than he is NOW –

**off** Quade: I ain’t DEAF, ya dork!



Once a dork, always a dork *snerk*.


I dropped the ball on doing a Thanksgiving story for 2010, so Christmas couldn’t go unmarked! We find Blackwell doing the Santa thing, ably assisted by Elfride as elf helper.



Ho-Ho-Ho, Tell Santa Blackie Your Wish List!



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