Ho-Ho-Ho, Tell Santa Blackie Your Wish List!

Posted December 23, 2010




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Elfride: All right, children, Santa’s ready to hear your Christmas lists –

Santa Blackie: Ho-ho-ho, kids, come tell Santy whatcher want fer Christmas, an’ we’ll see what we can do fer ya; you first, li’l missy with th’ curls –



Young Hippolyte: I – I am scared, ‘Credi! *trembles*

Young Tancredi: Zere ees no-theeng for to be scared, mon petit frère; theenk of heem comme papa, no?



Lovechild: What an impostor – he’s NO Santa Claus, and there is NO such thing as Santa Claus, anyway *hmph*.

Young E’Clair: Awww, you got up on the wrong side of the bed today, didn’cha? Don’t you mind; I’ll tell him for both of us what we want –



Young Waramon: Much as I’d like Father Christmas all to myself, let us sit together on his lap, shall we? *wink*

Young Gobnait: Sure… like that saying, “the more the merrier”, huh? *tugs lapel*



Buddha Girl: Eh, dat Santy look fami’lar! Tink we gots a chance wit him dis year, Mister Wishy?

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, mebbe dis de year.

Washi: *sigh* This year my role is that of a bystander… just ask Sister Angela –



Tragic Plum: Ohhhh, I got MY wish this year… didn’t I, Mama? Ohhhhh….

Imperious Jade: Yeh, child – we in de wish busyness dis year *snort*.



Santa Blackie: Ho-ho-ho, lookit th’ LITTLE little girl! Bet ya have some BIG want list, ho-ho-ho!

Lovechild: HOW can you possibly believe in this drivel? Can’t you see what a FAKE he is?

Young E’Clair: Shhhhh, Lovechild, he can HEAR you –



Lovechild: I WANT him to hear me! Cease and desist with your nonsense, charlatan! We will have NOTHING to do with the likes of YOU –

Santa Blackie: Ho-ho-ho, then; guess I can’t give ya anything! Who’s next?

Young E’Clair:. !



Santa Blackie: Step right up, boys, n’tell olSanty yer names –

Young E’Clair: I – I hope you’re happy, Lovechild… now we won’t get anything *sniffle* –

Lovechild: Fiddlesticks – I got the satisfaction of exposing that old fool! *beaming*



Young Hippolyte: Oh! ...

Young Tancredi: Du calme, frère – tell Père Noël tu nom –



Young Hippolyte: Nonononon! He – he is SCARY like PAPA! *crying*

Elfride: Oh sweetheart, what’s wrong? –

Santa Blackie: Aw, kid, wot’s this about yer pappy, then?

Young Tancredi: Pardonnez-moi, Père Noël – I tried to make heem not so afraid, com-paring you to our fa-ther -



Young Tancredi: – but zat was my mees-take, as our père al-ways to make heem cry and cry, zen ‘e run away and climb ze tree –

Santa Blackie: Well now, that I’d like ta see, ya climbin’ our tree here –

Elfride: Um, Santa, remember, liability issues, and all that –

Young Tancredi: Eet ees no pro-blem, I weel to take heemome, zhen, to climb OUR tree! Bon jour, M’sieur et mam’zelle

Young Hippolyte: *sniffle-sniff*… I …like trees…



Sister Angela: That dear little boy; his brother is so kind to him. Very touching, wasn’t it, Washi?

Washi: *sniiiiiiifffff* Uh-huh…

Sister Angela: And what do I keep telling you about NOT using my robes for a hankie, hmmm?

Washi: But it’s SO soft on my widdle nose *honk*!



Buddha Girl: Eh, mebbe Santy DID bring us wat we really wanted alreddy – our MUDDER! You lookin real swell, Ma!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, you got it all goin’ on.

Tragic Plum: Ohhh, Mama, Sisters are right… you look SO beautiful in that gown… ohhhh

Imperious Jade: Eh, tanks, Plum Child. Mebbe you kids help me make more dis year, hmmm? I even get you you own sewin’ machine! *chuckle*



Santa Blackie: Ho-ho-ho, kids; hop up on my lap, there’s plenty’a room fer ya both! *pats legs*

Young Waramon: Isn’t that nice of Father Christmas, Gobby; I think he DOES know some of what we want, already!

Young Gobnait: Heh, we’ll see; after all, I been good’n naughty *snicker* –



Santa Blackie: Okay, who wants ta go first?

Young Waramon: Oh, ladies first, Father Christmas; see how good I am?

Santa Blackie: Ho-ho, yer a little gentleman, boy; don’t hurt to keep up the olshinola

Young Gobnait: Mmm, Santa, I like your suit… sooooooooft *fondles fabric* –

Santa Blackie: Heh-heh, *ahem* – Santy thanks ya fer th’compliment *fidget* –



Young Gobnait: Santa, I seen my future, and I found out I’m gonna need some bras – BIG bras! So, I want you to bring me some really fancy ones this Christmas. I figure between now and then, my friend and I can use ’em for SLINGSHOTS. Get double the bounce, know what I mean?

Young Waramon: *claps hands* Oh, lovely – great expectations, tra-la!

Santa Blackie: WOT! Er, ah, um – Santy’ll see wot he can do fer ya, um, little girl –



Washi: *attentive* I’d like to see THAT, yessiree!

Sister Angela: Never you mind!



Elfride: Good-bye, um, kids – have a merry Christmas – *waves*

Santa Blackie: Yeah, what my helper Elf said *waving* Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!

Young Waramon: My thanks to you, Father Christmas; I think shall, indeed! *wink*

Young Gobnait: Yeah… like the song says, have yourself a merry little Christmas… *saunter*



Santa Blackie: Hey, Elferide, is it ME, or are th’ kids gettin’ WEIRDER every year?

Elfride: Just at Ms. Beamlette’s, Blackwell – just at Ms. Beamlette’s *giggle*.



Weird, yes, but cute!


Now that we’ve seen the humor in the holiday, it’s time for something sentimental –



A Christmas Wish...



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