A Christmas Wish...

Posted December 24, 2010




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Chance: *sigh* Christmas without Mom and Dad… again. Wonder when… or if we’ll be together…



*yawn* …tired… glad school’s out for another week…




Crimson Angel: Ready – ?

Azure Angel: No time like the present –



Chance: OH!

**pleasant chatter**



Tabitha: Oh, Mom!

Sarah: Haha – I never thought I’d have the chance to see Chance at this age again!

Young Chance: I’m kinda wishin’ I STAY this age, too *shakes head*.



Maeby: Yeah, Daddy, I gets ta play wi’ Tabby when she was little, too!

Tony: I see – and there’s that pointy finger I remember *chuckle* –

Little Tabitha: How else I SHOW t’ings?

Young Tabitha: I outgrew that! Fists work better *snerk*.



Chance: Wow… the Christmas I wanted. Mom and Dad – here!



Azure Angel: Oh yes – they’re always here, Chance –



Crimson Angel: They’re always in your heart…



Chance: **rubs eyes** Uhnnnnohhhh… man, I can’t believe what I’m seeing…



Chance: Oh…



Chance: But – I saw them – they were here – Mom on the couch, Dad over in the chair – man…

Tabitha: Hey, Chance, what’re you goin’ on about, talkin’ to yourself?



Chance: I realize now it was a dream – but it felt SO real, Tabby… so clear. We were all here, together…

Tabitha: ALL? What did Mom’n’Dad think of these extra versions of us, anyway? There’s a Christmas present for ‘em, heheh.



Tabitha: Y’know, though… that’s a nice dream, Chance. I… I dream about it, too… a lot. Merry… Christmas, huh?

Chance: Oh yeah… Merry Christmas, Tabby, Maeby. Merry Christmas…

Maeby: Merry merry MERRY Chris’mas to EV’YBODDY!



Azure Angel: A job well done, I’d say –

Crimson Angel: Uh-huh… it’s what I like about the work… **humming**



Thumbs up, angels *wink*.


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