Beamlette’s 2010 Year-In-Review!

Posted December 31, 2010




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This was a “slow” year story-wise for the House of Beamlette, despite the steady influx of new denizens; not to mention the backlog of un-introduced ones from the years before! Still, things did happen –


Elfride and Hibou finally reunited!



Hibou: *HOO*-Sister-are-you-to-Hibou!-Sister-mine-be-for-ever?-*hoohoohooohooooHOO*!

Elfride: Ooof! Haha, yes, I guess that means we are! I’m glad – I think!

Garlyth: *hoo*-Momma-like-happy-Momma!-*hoohoo*



Imriel and Kif came to an understanding –


Kif: Ah… then to you just Kif am I –

Imriel: Good – I would rather we were on better terms, friendlier terms, now that I understand you do not wish harm to my Hibou. Though…I should like to know more of why you felt as you did towards her.



This led to Imriel’s departure, to seek answers to what Kif told him –


Hibou: *hoo*-return-will-you-when?-*hoo*!

Imriel: That I cannot answer, my dearest; I do not know how long it will take – but know I will always be thinking of you both, and I will return the moment I can, if not sooner –

Garlyth: *hoo*-Momma-eyes-so-SHINY-bright-*hoo*!



Holidays were the basis for most other stories, starting with Valentine’s Day, and the realization that the Sparrows had never had a Valentine’s Day story! Though Buddha Girl and Angry Sparrow’s search for Valentines was, shall we say, hit-and-miss…


Washi: Permit me to demonstrate –




Other Male Voice: What the – ?

Waramon: Bulls-eye, I do believe –

Black Violet: He did hit somebody –

Buddha Girl: Dis some CRAZY way t’get a boyfrien’!

Angry Sparrow: Yehwat if we don’t like him?



For St. Patrick’s Day, Ulf the Leprechaun returned, and dared to make Arsinoë the vampire his bride! His mother again intervened, but not without a loss on her part – treasure, not blood *whew*!


Doileag Flannagáin: It be time we takin’ our leave o’ this while we can, me idiot son *grumble-grumble*. Come along, an’stop yer dallyin’! **yanks ear**

Ulf ó Flannagáin: OW, owwwowow, Maaaaa! Thahurts, tha’ does –

Doileag Flannagáin: Eh, not so much as her fangs woulda done, ye little nitwit –

Arsinoë: Considering my skill, it wouldn’t have hurt at all *chuckle*… hmmmm… I’d forgotten just how lovely this is… **humming**



At Easter, the chickens – and rabbits – came home to roost for the Sparrows, those notorious Easter Bunny killers!


Buddha Girl: Eh, dat jus’ a tech’ality. We figger dat out when de time come –

Angry Sparrow: Yeh – use de Horsey Boy den, no problem.

Tragic Plum: Oooooh… why do I have the feeling all of a sudden that that will be the LEAST of our problems?... oooooooooooh



On Mother’s Day the Sparrows asked Black Violet to be their surrogate mom –


Buddha Girl: Eh, Ms. BV, how you like to be OUR mudder?

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, since you so nice to us ‘n all.

Tragic Plum: Oh yes, with presents, and advice… very motherly… ooooh

Black Violet: Me, motherly? Mwahahaha! Think of me as your beautiful and FUN auntie, will you, kiddos?



On Father’s Day we met the two most despised fathers in my crew –


Randall: Man, this is one crazy house you live in, Fen – though I like seeing your baby self again. She always liked me *chuckle* –

Fenchurch: Fine, SHE can do all the liking of you she wants; I’m old enough to KNOW better!

Easton: Yeah… it’s all about Fen, ALL the time… *grumble*.



Basil: How d’ye like my strapping sons? Though the one on me left is a great fine poofter, if ever there was, HAR! Oh yeah, and the little runty lass, mustn’t forget about HER, harharhar!

Persephone: As regards you, Pater, I endeavour to do so daily, if not hourly –



Tancredi got a BIG surprise on his favorite holiday, Bastille Day: a visit from his maman!


Marjolaine: But you ARE see-lee, MY see-lee garconeen a good way, n’est pas?  You know zat Maman, she al-ways love you, no mat-ter what –

Basil: That she does, son – at least she didn’t make you into a poofter; I’ll give her that, harhar



Early in October, Black Violet departed for her original home and guardian, and in the process Basil learned that Waramon wasn’t a total poofter, after all –


BV: Listen, Stretch, your son likes the ladies just FINE! As well as he does the men – he’s just an all-around opportunist when it comes to romance. So cut him some slack, will you?

Basil: Huh… well, tha’s one way a’ lookin’ at it –



Halloween had its scary moments, especially for the Sparrows –


Arsinoë: Garlic has NO effect on me, little birds. Even so, if I were to drink ALL your blood, it would be no more to me than those silly wax bottles and lips given out to the little beggars who justify their request with the refrain, “Trick or treat!” Hardly a good squirt to wet my lips – **flash of teeth and eyes**

Tragic Plum: *squeak*! Oooooooooooooo

Buddha Girl: Ehhhh… I… see wat you mean…

Angry Sparrow: *gulp*!



The bigger question at Halloween was – did Basil get turned into a bat? That remains to be seen… *squeeeet*




For some strange reason, Thanksgiving wasn’t celebrated; was everyone on a diet? Christmas, however, made up for it; Imperious Jade, the Sparrows’ mother, joined them for the holiday –


Buddha Girl: Eh, mebbe Santy DID bring us wat we really wanted alreddy – our MUDDER! You lookin real swell, Ma!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, you got it all goin’ on.

Tragic Plum: Ohhh, Mama, Sisters are right… you look SO beautiful in that gown… ohhhh

Imperious Jade: Eh, tanks, Plum Child. Mebbe you kids help me make more dis year, hmmm? I even get you you own sewin’ machine! *chuckle*



Uh-oh, sounds like child labor is in the offing for their 2011!

Chance had a lovely dream about his dearest Christmas wish, to see his parents again –


Chance: OH!

**pleasant chatter**



Perhaps 2011 will see it come true… stay tuned!



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