Tancredi looks incessantly at those photos from Austin

Posted October 18, 2006




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I think I hear him singing to himself,"La Vie En Rose"...



Tancredi: ... "Wheen you kees me, 'eaven sighs..."



Tancredi: *le siiiiigh* 'ow I mees cette bouche... et ses baisers...



Persephone: So I see you miss your pretty French pastry, then?



Tancredi: Ahhh, do not mock me, lee-tle demi-soeur, wheen I am zo low...
Persephone: On the contrary -- I'm not mocking you. But you have been quite the mope since returning from all those strange trips.



Persephone: From what I've read and seen, pining about romance is quite the waste of time. You need some action, some movement, some EXERCISE.
Tancredi: Eh, 'ow you talk of zees ex-er-cise, wheen I can bare-lee 'old my 'ead up



Tancredi: I 'ave ne-vaire felt such malaise d'amour... I would not 'ave thought eet could 'appen to moi...



Tancredi: I am changed homme...
Persephone: Not entirely. A change of clothes would do you good *snif*. And you'd better watch out for Ms. Beamlette's boyfriend. He doesn't like this romantic involvement one bit, and thinks this is the end of your carefree bachelor existence. Your moping doesn't help.



Tancredi: What does zat boy-freend know about moi, an' about ze charms of ma belle E'Clair. I am een need of ze sympathie, not ze lec-ture.
Persephone: What is it about me that I'm the Cassandra of this household? I'm surrounded by SUCH deaf ears!



Tancredi: An' why do you turn your back on your poor demi-frere een hees time of zees need?
Persephone: You know perfectly well. You're on your own. And don't be surprised when the BF intervenes -- it will not be pretty **flounces off**.


Tancredi: *le beeeeg sigh* ma pauvre E'Clair -- at least you are not here to see 'ow abused ees your lon-lee amour...



Shulamith prepares for a hot date by borrowing a dress, in:


I feel pretty, oh so pretty



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