The Lion or the Dove –

Hibou ponders…

Posted October 17, 2006




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Hibou: *hooooooo*...



Hibou: *hooooooo*



Hibou: *wwwhooooooo*...



**enter Oona and Paladin**
Oona: Oh, good, Hibou, you're using a chair. Next time, try sitting on the seat part, dear.
Paladin: Yeah, just think of it as a lower perch *snicker*.

Hibou: *wooooooooo*



Oona: Look, Paladin, here's pictures of Hibou's suitors --
Paladin: Uh-huh. Who'd'a thought she'd be such a popular "chick" -- heheh!
Hibou: *hooheehooheehoohee*



Oona: But seriously, Hibou, you *are* pretty -- in your unique way. We'll just smooth off the rough edges and –

Paladin: **to himself** Unique -- *snerk*!

Hibou: *h-h-h-herrrrrrk* --



Hibou: *h-h-h-HAAAAWK*

Oona: Omigoodness!!!

Paladin: What the -- !



Oona: -- But we *still* have to work on that owl pellet thing, sweetie. It could be a deal-breaker on dates.
Paladin: Uhhh... that's one way of putting it **a little green around the gills**.
Hibou: *hooooooo* -better-feels-Hibou... Oona-try-sometime- **blink**



Meantime, since Austin, Tancredi mopes about his ladylove E’Clair:


Tancredi looks incessantly at those photos from Austin



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