I feel pretty, oh so pretty

Posted October 19, 2006 by Shulamith




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Shulamith: Not bad, not bad –



Shulamith: Well, maybe a *little* bad –



Shulamith: We'll say NICELY bad –



Shulamith: Yes, this will do –



Shulamith: M-hm. I like the feel of *this*...



Persephone: You're welcome, for asking to borrow my dress **veiled sarcasm**

Shulamith: Well, you weren't using it, that I could tell.



Persephone: Yes, THAT much is obvious. At any rate, I think I'm entitled to know for what purpose **narrowed eyes**.

Shulamith: There's some business I've got to see to -- all you need to know.



Persephone: **tartly** I do have a request -- just don't get any spooge on it. I don't want to have to file it away in a safe deposit box afterwards.



Shulamith: Don't worry, hon -- it won't be on long enough for that **smirk**.


(The Dress by GOTHCHICS)



Etienne Gavreau registers his admiration, to which Shulamith has quite the response:


Well well, darlin', who might YOU be after?...

Posted by Gavreau on October 19, 2006



Good luck on your hunt, wherever it takes you. Wish I could see your dress on MY floor.






Gav, sweetie, must say I'm a little busy

Posted by Shulamith on October 19, 2006


Shulamith: We're just swapping recipes...**laughing**
Easton: Doin' a little cookin'... yeah!



After all that hot’n’heavy adult stuff, it’s time for a little light-hearted fun with Chance and Tabitha’s baby sister Maeby, in:


An’ dis is for you…



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