Tancredi’s Love Advice

Posted February 14, 2008




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Ah, Mam’zelle Jee-lee-anne, I am flat-tered zat you should ask me about ro-mance. I know zat tout le monde be-lieves ze Free-nch are ze most sentimental  per-sons. Eet ees real-ly ver-ee sim-ple



Ze object d’une affection may appre-ciate a lee-tle sur-prise now an’ zhen




One musne-vaire under-estimate ze fun of ze lee-tle romp, even wheen for-mally at-tired –



Zhere are zose times wheen one may be taken for gran-ted



Zhen ees wheen you fol-low ze po-et’s advice, and take your be-loved on ze pic-nic, wheeze zose fine Free-nch staples, ze vin  and ze pain, an ze na-ture weel take eets course…



Eet ees a mo-dern age, af-ter all, an’ one may not lose touch wheen zere are ze com-puters an’ ze mail d’E zo zat one may com-mu-nicate wheeze ze be-loved one, where-evaire one may be–



Steel, zere are zose times wheen no-thing weel do but one must to go to where ze be-loved ees, by what-ever means possible --



An’ last, but not ze least, al-ways make ze room for ze lee-tle fun een-y time weeze your be-loved, to keep ze re-lationship refraichir -- n’est pas, ma belle  E’Clair? *kiss*



I looked around my resin household, and realized there were patterns of behavior, suitable to discuss on the day of hearts –


 Love In the House Of Beamlette, Valentine’s Day 2008



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