Love In the House Of Beamlette

Valentine’s Day 2008

Posted February 14, 2008




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Looking around, I was struck by HOW many “in-house” couples I have –

l. to r., Arsinoe and Varius; Demelza and Beckham; Waramon and Gobnait (rolling around on floor, what else?); Smythe and Dorothy; Paladin and Oona; Natsumi and David; Yevgeny and Fabien (watch those hands now!); Shulamith and Easton (behind Y and F); Tabitha and Malfoy (foreground). Who do YOU think is the happiest?



Then there’s my kids who have “long distance” loves –

l. to r., Zimta, Hibou, Kenzo, Fenchurch, Tancredi, Chance, Boudicca and Persephone. What a test of fortitude; who will pass, and who will flunk out?



Then there’s a couple who defy categorization –

Tragic Plum and Zephryus. Word has it they’re “just good friends”…



As for the rest of my kids, well, they’re busy with other matters, or between relationships –

Tabitha: Ha! They’re just LOSERS!

Malfoy: Now, Tabby, that’s not very nice…



Tabitha: Any way you say it, they’re LOOOOOOOOOOO-SERS! With a BIG-a** L! Nyah!

Malfoy: *siiigh*…



Let us not end on such a negative note, shall we? Read on –

Me: Fenchurch, there’s a package just came for you, hon.

Fenchurch: Oh – really? I wasn’t expecting anything –



Me: That’s a quite a big package, isn’t it?

Fenchurch: Look how beautifully it’s wrapped. Let’s see the tag –



Fenchurch: It’s from – Hiro!



Me: I would imagine it’s for Valentine’s Day – my, but that’s nice.

Fenchurch: Yes… wow… I wonder what it could be…



Fenchurch: If you don’t mind, I think I’ll go to my room now! *smile*

Me: Of course, sweetie – Happy Valentine’s Day.


And a Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone on the Realm of Resin/Zone of Zen, too!



Hiro worried whether Fen liked his present in a post on the boards; this is her public response –


 Oh Hiro, you didn’t have to worry



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