The Watcher In The Woods

Posted February 9, 2008




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Junco: **to self** So… he wanders alone…



Inigo: T’is not as cold today… maybe that is what has been wrong with me as well; a chill on my soul. Perhaps this will warm me inside and out…



Inigo Hallo there, Zephyrus – how goes it with you and Miss Plum?

Zephyrus: Greetings, Master Elf. We are splendid; thank you for asking. Just enjoying the air, as you appear to be. Did you know there’s another elf in the yard too?

Inigo: Another elf, you say – you mean other than Zimta or Hibou?



Zephyrus: Aye, over there in yonder tree, watching and waiting for something, I daresay. In fact, she comes this way.

Tragic Plum: Oooh, if it had been the Owl Girl, we wouldn’t be here nowoooh



Inigo: Greetings, Junco – what brings you here, of all places?

Junco: Your brother Sanar bid me see how you fare. I was curious also, I admit. Judging from external appearances, it would seem you are adapting nicely…

Inigo: I am… shall we sit under this tree to talk? I suspect you have more questions, as well as news of Sanar.

Junco: I am that  transparent, then! *soft laugh* Yes, let us sit here for now.



Inigo: Forgive me for making it sound as if you are the Grand Inquisitor. Truth be told, it is a slow process, my “fitting in” here. Not unpleasant, mind you… the difficulty lies with me, mostly.

Junco: Sanar worries about you, for all his bluster and puffery; of that I am sure you are aware. There is also the matter of how the other Alar may view this -- defection. He and I would not want you to suffer because of their displeasure towards your behavior. We keep it quiet as to your whereabouts. Sanar deflects them by saying you are assisting him in his search, which involves travel to the far corners of the earth. For now they believe him, given his reputation, but who can say how long that may last.



Inigo: Deeply am I indebted to you both for your protection of me… I know Sanar hopes I will give over and come to my senses, as he sees it… I… I do not know when, if ever, I will return to the Alar. Every time I think of that, revulsion wells up in my chest, and I must think of other things, or… or… go mad. And I do not wish that; I should truly be useless then.



Junco: A waste that would be, if you were to go mad. At least you recognize it, and are not lacking in some self-possession. I will tell Sanar you are well, and not yet ready to leave your new home, and we shall continue to tell the Alar you work with diligence at your task. T’is no lie, really… *smile*.



Inigo: My undying gratitude to you, Junco. You always were most measured and thoughtful of anyone I know. So… do you hurry off now to tell Sanar of this meeting?

Junco: A good question… I see we have had an audience, however diminutive. Perhaps they have suggestions –



Junco: Master Centaur, your attentiveness throughout is noted. Pray, tell me your name and that of your rider, as well as your opinion of what this weary traveler, one elven maid by the name of Junco, should do – resume her journey, or -- ?

Zephyrus: Mistress Junco, I am called Zephyrus, and she who sits upon my back is Miss Tragic Plum, of the Sisters Sparrow. It is an honor that you ask my humble opinion on such an important matter!



Junco: Well met, then, Master Zephyrus -- I await your estimation of my situation.

Zephyrus: The mistress of this house is most generous and accommodating – I suggest you stay a while, and rest before resuming any journey. Besides many mortals, there are other elves, and vampires, even some creatures that have little precedent or explanation. Nothing wrong with some amusement while you recuperate for the road, say I!

Junco: You pique my curiosity; such a jolly invitation I cannot resist. Well said, Master Zephyrus -- I shall tarry a while in this odd paradise *wink*.

Tragic Plum: Oh, I think she will fit in VERY well with THAT description… ooooh



Inigo: **thinks to self** While pleasant to see a familiar face again, I would rather she had taken her leave… I needed no further reminders of what was once home…



Junco: **also to self** No hurry… this little forest bird has found a perch…



We certainly can’t help but have questions about Junco and her motivation – or maybe we’re just being paranoid – ya think?


As always, Valentine’s is a big event here on – you might say that’s what got us started. Tancredi was solicited for advice for a Realm Of Resin banner story, and he was only too happy to dispense his cockeyed wisdom in this little retrospective –


 Tancredi’s Love Advice



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