Hide and Go SQUITTER

Posted February 1, 2012 




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Persephone: This is what it’s come to, forced to secrete ourselves behind furniture in order to obtain peace and privacy –

Pete: Heh, it’s not so bad –

Mister Frog: Speak for yourself, Pete…where’s MY milkshake?



Pete: It’s like being a kid again, making a fort – didn’t you used to make forts when you were little?

Peresephone: I was never a child, Peter, except in the physical sense some years ago. Waramon indulged in all the childish pastimes for the both of us; as I was the one with more common sense it became my role to “mind” him – a pointless task, in which I compare myself to Atlas, when I’m in a self-pitying mode –



Pete: Having just seen Waramon in action, I can’t blame you, on both counts. Seems like that happens in families, someone gets stuck with all the baggage –

Persephone: More like several portmanteaus and a fleet of steamer trunks, where Waramon is concerned – literally, as he makes frequent wardrobe changes –

Mister Frog: I don’t have that problem – as I have NO clothes!



Buddha Girl: Hey, you talking ‘bout dat perv? Dat why you hidinbehin’ de couch, den?

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, we do dat too when HE aroun’ –

Tragic Plum: Oh yes… there’s always TOO much of him to see…ooooh

Mister Frog: More than enough for MY lifetime!

Pete: Well, lookee here, it’s the Sparrow Sisters – what’s up, besides you three?

Persephone: Perhaps they seek sanctuary, as well –

Buddha Girl: Sure, we lookinfosanc’terary – why not?

Angry Sparrow: Watever dat is –

Tragic Plum: I’ve heard of wildlife sanctuaries… maybe that’s what we need…oooh



Pete: Come join us, then – let me help you there, ladies –

Buddha Girl: Eh, tanks, we do dat. Besides, we got som’ting we wanna ask you an’ de brainy girl, Mister Pete –

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, it som’tin wat needs some brain power –

Tragic Plum: Oh yes, of the computing sort… we’re not so much about computing, as consuming



Pete: “Computing”, you say. I guess you’ve come to the right people; Perseph and I know something about that. What do you need “computed”?

Buddha Girl: We been doin’ some tinkin’, me’n’Sisters, ‘bout our presents on de Web –

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, an’ we don’t mean SPIDER webs, neidder  

Tragic Plum: Yes… spiders’ webs are sticky…and hard to “Refresh”…oooh

Pete: So, if I understand correctly, you want to make more of yourselves on the World Wide Web; is that it, ladies?



Buddha Girl: YEH! Dat it – we need som’ting dat people visit all day ev’y day, som’ting dat easy’n’quick fo’ us to talk at dem, an’ dey talk back at us –

Tragic Plum: Oh yes, something “user-friendly”…not scary, noooo

Angry Sparrow: But not too frien’ly – not too talky, eidder.



Pete: Hmmm…something short –

Buddha Girl: Yeh, ‘cause we short. D’o we gots lot to say, but we know how to say it quick!

Pete: …sounds like you could use Twitter –

Mister Frog: Sounds like they do that NOW…

Buddha Girl: Yeh, but ev’boddy’n his brudder dey on dat Twitty ting – we wants som’ting’a our OWN!



Pete: I’ve got it – we’ll call it SQUITTER – short for Sparrows’ Twitter! What do you think, Perseph?

Persephone: Ah, “Squitter” – yes, it has an air of verismillitude. Catchy, too –

Buddha Girl: YEHHHHH! Dat work, Mister Pete, you a GEN’US! Now we be a BIG presents on de Web! An’ YOU make us de site!

Angry Sparrow: An’ mebbe dat get us MO’ presents!

Tragic Plum: Oooh… presents won’t be just for Christmas anymore, then…ooooh!



Persephone: Now your sojourn has turned into forced labor, Peter. My apologies for inadvertently leading you further afield –

Pete: No biggie, Perseph – at least we get to do it together *smile*.

Angry Sparrow: I like dat font – it gots “Sparrow” all over it –

Buddha Girl: Yeh! It look like it shouty; it say, “Pay attention, dumbass!”

Tragic Plum: Oooo, I don’t know if I’m ready to be THIS famous…oooooooh

Mister Frog: Suck it up, girlie…



Ah, well, ‘tis better to make friends of the Sparrows, rather than enemies!


All good things must come to an end, and Pete’s visit is no exception…



A Farewell to Pete



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