A Farewell to Pete

Posted February 8, 2012 




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Pete: Well… guess it’s time to say good-bye, Perseph

Persephone: The inevitable comes to pass… *sigh*



Pete: I had a good time – and a pretty interesting one. Never a dull moment –

Persephone: Mea culpa for the absurd tribe that is my family, Peter; you needn’t use a euphemism  like “interesting” to defend them –



Pete: And you don’t need to apologize for them, either. I came to see you, and that’s what counts most to me. We got to be together, for a little while –

Persephone: Of course – yes – I ought to focus on my blessings, oughtn’t I?



Pete: M-hm, that’s what we ought to do right now…

Persephone: Indeed; I am in complete agreement…

Antigone: Ah, there you are – I’m not too late!



Persephone: On the contrary, Antigone; your timing is atrocious. If only you HAD been later, much later!

Pete: Um, who wants to know, anyway? *startled*

Persephone: The young girl in question, Peter, is my cousin, Antigone Sinclair –

Antigone: And I see you never mentioned me *snicker*! All I wanted was to see THE boyfriend –



Pete: “THE boyfriend”, huh – and I don’t think you mean the play by the same name –

Antigone: Play? What play? **peers intently** Hmmm…



Antigone: Well, he seems suitable, Perseph. Like you, he enjoys alluding to obscure things – you should be very happy together!



Antigone: It was nice to meet you, Peter. Carry on snogging; I’ll observe from a discreet vantage. ‘Ta!

Pete: Erm, sure, Antigone, you do that –

Persephone: Preferably while employing a telescope; I hear the Hubble is for hire –



Tancredi: Ah, my lee-tle demi-soeur et tu amoureux – I know aussi ze sor-row of ze part-ing. Et aussi, comme our cousine, I al-most to miss ze meet-ing weez ze boy-friend!

Pete: Yeah… and how could I’ve missed a guy dressed as a lamp? I thought I smelled smoke –

Persephone: It never ceases to amaze… though I’d recommend a change of bulb, immediately –



Tancredi: I am touched, to see zat our lee-tle Persephone, she ‘as ze boyfriend who make ze smile come to zat visage serieux. Ees good, no?

Pete: Yup – it must mean I’m doing something right, even if it’s just how I tell a joke –

Persephone: As opposed to being one…



Tancredi: ‘U-mor eet ees an im-por-tant part of ze re-lation-ship – but zere ees al-so ze com-pa-ti-bi-lity, et ze gee-ve an’ ze take, zat must to be con-si-dered… and ze respect for ze autre, et  zere free-dom – I speak from ze ex-perience, weez ma belle E’Clair; she geeve me ze food for ze thought re-cently

Pete: All this coming from a lamp…*fidget*

Persephone: Lamps are usually mute – a pity he did not perform the role as a mime – *arched brow*



Tancredi: In zee end, eet is toujours l’amour! Toujours l’amour, zat tri-umph, like ze hap-py ee-nding – Ah, l’amour, l’amour!

Persephone: And so ends our playet, as the hero prepares to return to his native crib, absurdly but well-intentionedly-advised by a household appliance –

Pete: And the hero WILL get to smooch the heroine – though the audience WON’T get to see it!



(Tancredi reprised his 2006 role as floor lamp; See the original performance in Tabitha makes a friend)



Yes, some things are best left to the imagination! As our next two short squibs shall prove…



~Red EYE~



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